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Bumble Account Deleted: What You Need to Know

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What Does It Mean When Your Bumble Account Is Deleted?

Bumble is becoming more and more popular nowadays as one of the first dating apps to allow females to make the first move through conversation initiation, but if you logged into your account only to see a deleted account message on an ongoing conversation, you might be confused. 

If you’ve seen the deleted account message above a chat conversation this shows the person you were chatting with has deleted their account or been banned, this can happen for many reasons, but you still be able to access the exciting conversation if you had a phone number or any important messages. 

In our informative guide below we will cover why a deleted member can show up on a bumble account, how to tell if someone unmatched you, whether they can come back on Bumble as well as how to delete your Bumble account if you want a fresh start. 

Moreover, there is also a possibility of your bumble account being shadowbanned. It would help if you read our detailed article about Bumble shadowban and how long it takes to reset.

Why Does The Delete Account Message Appear On My Convo? 

As we touched on above, the deleted account message will appear above your bumble conversation with their profile picture blanked if the person has either deleted their account or they could have potentially been banned from Bumble. 

You will not be able to message this person if their account has been deleted or banned but you can still see the convo, people delete their Bumble accounts for many reasons such as dating fatigue or other personal reasons, bans on Bumble are permeant and are typically done when someone has not followed the Bumble guidelines. 

How To Tell If Someone Unmatched You On Bumble

Many people get worried that deleted member message might mean that someone has unmatched you, this is not the case however, if someone did decide to unmatch you on Bumble then you would see that you can’t access the conversation anymore. 

Can a Deleted Bumble User Come Back?

If a user decided to delete their Bumble account they can indeed reappear within 30 days since Bumble stores your data and allows you to reactivate your account for some time in case you change your mind. 

Most people however use the ‘snooze mode’ on Bumble if they are planning to come back to their account and they are just taking a break.

One way to avoid losing contact in the future is by asking for a phone number earlier rather than waiting. 

How To Delete Your Own Bumble Account 

If you’ve decided you want a fresh start or maybe you’ve met someone you might want to delete your Bumble account, we’ve listed some simple steps for doing the process below. 

  • Step one – Before deleting your account from Bumble you need to delete it from your Facebook, to do this simply log into your account settings on your Facebook then select apps and settings, scroll down to Bumble, remove the app and confirm. 
  • Step two – Log into your Bumble then go to settings, press delete account, it might ask you the reason why then select confirm, type in the word delete (another confirmation) and press confirm. 
  • Step three – Your account and data will be removed within 30 days, if you try and sign back in you will be made a new Bumble account. 
  • Step four – If you have a bumble boost subscription make sure to unsubscribe too by going into the app store and selecting purchases, scroll down to Bumble boost the unsubscribe.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bumble Deleting Account 

Why would someone delete their bumble account? 

If someone who you are chatting to deletes their Bumble account it’s best not to take it personally, you would see if someone unmatched you since you would not be able to see your conversation between the two of you anymore. 

Maybe the person found a match, they needed a break from dating apps or simply wanted a fresh start.

Can I use my bumble account if I’m already matched? 

You can indeed continue to use bumble, just not as a single anymore, instead, switch to the Biz mode or BFF mode, Bumble is still a great way to create connections and friends with new people if you are not on the dating scene anymore.

Why would someone get banned from Bumble? 

People can get banned from Bumble for several reasons, most of them are from violating the terms and conditions, some to take for example are spammy or lazy messages or asking for inappropriate services.

Could I extend a match on Bumble? 

You can indeed extend a match on bumble once a day as a free member or as many times as you want as a paid member, this is the period to initiate a conversation.

What does deleted member vs deleted user mean? 

Bumble used to use the word deleted user rather than a deleted member, this doesn’t mean anything different.

Is it possible to message a deleted account on Bumble? 

Unfortunately, you cannot start a conversation with a deleted account on bumble.

Final Words 

Overall, to round up our guide, deleted account/deleted member on Bumble means that the person you were talking to has either been banned or deleted their account from Bumble, it does not mean that they have unmatched you, however. 

One way to avoid this in the future is by snoozing your account to take a break and also taking contact numbers for important conversations or a potential match so if this happens in the future, there’s still a way to communicate.



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