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What Does The Blue Check Mean On Tinder?

  • 4 min read

How Does The Blue Check Work On Tinder? Can Anyone Get One? Popular dating apps such as Tinder can, unfortunately, attract a lot of fake users and so-called ‘catfishers’ on the platform in an effort for people to score dates without using their real selfie pictures.  The blue check on Tinder now solves this and… 

How To Unmatch On Tinder? Find Out Here!

  • 2 min read

Can I Unmatch From Someone On Tinder? If you’ve swiped right to someone on Tinder, only to find that you don’t have a connection with them, you probably wondering how you can unmatch.  Tinder luckily makes it easy to unmatch from another Tinder profile by selecting the shield icon next to their name and pressing…