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How to Screenshot on Hinge Without Being Notified

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Does Hinge Notify Screenshots? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you have ever wanted or have taken a screenshot on hinge, you might be wondering if hinge notifies people when a screenshot is taken on the app or if the app itself knows. 

At the moment, hinge does not notify users when a screenshot is taken on the dating app, allowing people to take screenshots of your conversation or take a screenshot without any notifications.

Down below, we have discussed in more detail about hinge notifying screenshots, which apps do notify when screenshots have been taken, why people take them and more.

Does Hinge Notify When You Take A Screenshot? 

On Hinge, you can capture a profile, messages and pictures without the app knowing you have taken a screenshot and without notifying the user, Hinge does not see screen grabbing as an issue on the app and it is not illegal.

The downside to this is that people can take a screenshot of the chat you are having with people.

Why Do Some Dating Apps Notify You When A Screenshot Is Taken?

Unlike hinge, some dating apps do give the notification of screenshots to enhance their privacy and security. For example, Snapchat sends a direct notification in chats when screenshots of conversations and pictures happen as well as Instagram shows when a screenshot of a sent photo is taken. 

Be Real social media app also sends a small icon when someone has taken a screenshot of the picture in the app. 

Why Do Some People Take Screenshots On Dating Apps? 

Many people screenshot conversations on online dating apps and send them to other people, this could be down to advice, or maybe you are having a funny embarrassing conversation.

All in all, some people are uncomfortable with the fact a screenshot of a chat could be shared, so here is why some people take secret screenshots on Hinge. 

They Want Advice On The Conversation 

If you are new to online dating and a rookie at conversations, you might be simply taking a screenshot of content to send to your friends for advice, this could be to tell you how to respond or even revive a conversation that is running dry. 

Some people might not even know what certain emojis mean or slang words, this is where sharing screenshots can come in handy.

It’s Someone They Know 

You are swiping through hinge, only to come across someone you know from school, this can be very awkward or entertaining if you have matched, and you are bound to want to share it with your friends who might also know the person.

They Want To Report Abuse 

Screenshots can help with recording and reporting abuse, fake profiles, death threats and another nasty language that needs to be screenshot for identification and can help you get certain users removed.

User screenshots can also help to verify people’s identities and see if they are fake profiles.

It’s An Embarrassing Conversation

Awkward openers or dry one-liners, some Hinge conversations can get very weird, funny and awkward, screenshots like these can go viral when posted on the internet too, just make sure to keep the identity of who you are talking to a secret to protect their privacy.

Does Hinge Show When Someone Has Read Your Message?

Now we know Hinge doesn’t send screenshot notifications on the major dating app, what about reading receipts? Are they shown?

Hinge does not have read receipts on the app, like a lot of other dating sites, you can only tell when your message has been sent, not read. Some apps like Whatsapp however allow you to see if someone has read your message if your reads are turned on too. 

Some facts to know about hinge conversations are – 

  • Chats will move to hidden chats if they are inactive for 14 days. 
  • You can see someone’s last active time if you and the recipient have it enabled.
  • You can use something called your turn to notify someone to respond to your message.

Tips For Safety & Privacy When Using Tinder

Although you can take screenshots on the Tinder app, it is important to know that sharing someones personal information online without consent is illegal. 

We’ve listed some tips for ensuring your safety and privacy when using tinder below.

  • Keep personal items private – Do not share personal information such as your passport, home address or phone number. If you are a parent we also suggest refraining from sharing information about your children.
  • Keep it on the platform – Keep conversations on the Hinge platform, avoid taking it off the app, Hinge will not be able to help you in cases of abuse or bad messages since it’s been taken off the app.
  • Do not send money – Even if someone says they are in an emergency, never wire money over Hinge, this is a bad sign. They could even try to access your financial information.
  • Be wary of distance – Scammers could be from another country and ask for money trying to get home, be cautious of this.
  • Report bad behaviour – Any bad or offensive language should be reported straight away to Hinge to prevent it from progressing. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Hinge Notifying Screenshots 

Is notification for screenshots a good idea?

Notifications are a good idea for screenshots since they can protect peoples privacy, freely taking pictures of peoples profiles and dating conversations online is a breach of privacy.

Is Hinge a genuine dating app or is it for hookups?

Hinge is often used for hook ups like Tinder, but some people are also on the app looking for a serious relationship, you can always ask the question what are you looking for to see what someones intentions are.

Does hinge notify you when you unmatch?

No, hinge does not send you a notification when you unmatch on the app.

Does bumble say if you screenshot?

Bumble does not notify if a screenshot is taken like Hinge.

What should you put in your profile description on hinge?

Prompts are a big deal on hinge (check our prompt guide here), make sure to include them on hinge and keep your profile bio light and fun.

How do I report someone on Hinge?

To report someone’s hinge you have to go to the member’s profile then select the three dots and the top of their profile and click report, you then fill in the reason why you are reporting on Hinge.

Do be aware that once you do this you and that person are blocked and you will no longer be able to access each others profiles or messages. 

Last Words

To conclude, Hinge does not notify its users about screenshots, only some social media such as Be Real and snapchat do this to protect your privacy.

Most people take screenshots on hinge to record funny conversations, abuse or simply for advice/memories. From time to time people might also take screenshots if they run it someone they know.

If you want to privately send photo’s on Hinge, check this post out!



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