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Can You Send Pictures on Tinder? Yes, but There Are Some Restrictions

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can you send pictures on tinder / how to send pictures on tinder

How to Send Pictures on Tinder: The Ultimate Guide (With Restrictions)!

No official method is currently available for Tinder users to take pictures of themselves and share them with others. However, if you’re willing to use a little ingenuity, you can circumvent this limitation by sending pictures of yourself to people without any costs involved.

Here we’re showing you five different ways to share photos on Tinder.

List of 5 ways to share photos on tiner

1. Link method

The tinder app won’t allow you to send a photo along with your message. But there are some things to keep in mind while doing this. You can share your photo via Google Drive; sending a picture link in a text message might help you get noticed, but it could also lead to getting your account banned.

You can use a URL shortener like Bitly or TinyURL to ensure the link doesn’t look suspicious.

First, visit Bitly’s website. You’ll see an option to create a new account if you haven’t already done so. Click on the “Create Account” button. Enter your email address and choose a strong, memorable name for yourself. Next, click on the “Sign In” tab. Type in your username and your email address. Finally, type in your secret key. That’s it! Your Bitly URL shortener is set up. Then, paste your link into it and shorten it. 

Next, copy the shortened link and paste it into the chat box. If you’ve already sent a message, add the link to the end of the previous sentence.

If you don’t see the option to send a link, type out the full link and press Enter.

Now, scroll down and swipe left on the person you want to start chatting with. When you find someone you like, tap on their profile picture. Tap “Send Message”. Write something about yourself and tap “Done.”

The recipient will receive a notification that says “Message Sent!” and they’ll be able to view the link.

This method works best if you’re looking to meet someone casually rather than trying to set up a date.

2. Tinder profile photo method

The tinder app allows you to upload up to 10 photos per profile, but some limits exist. You cannot add multiple profiles to your account or use the same name twice. If you try to do either of those things, you’ll receive a tinder message error telling you to change something about your profile. And while you’re allowed to upload three different types of images — photo library, videos, and GIFs — you can only include one image in each category.

The biggest limitation, however, is that you can only upload one photo per profile. This makes sense because Tinder wants people to focus on their matches’ faces rather than their bodies or surroundings. But even though you can only upload one profile picture, you still have plenty of options. For example, you could upload a recent selfie, a professional headshot, a group shot, or a candid shot of yourself doing something silly.

You can also take advantage of the fact that you don’t have to worry about uploading multiple pictures. Instead of sorting through your entire collection to find the perfect one, you can select “Last Photo,” and Tinder will show you all the pictures you’ve uploaded since joining the app.

Moreover, if you are a receiver in your case and reading this blog to tell your date, how can she send you a picture on Tinder, then you can take a screenshot of it. Moreover, if you fear whether Tinder will notify screenshots or not, you can read our article to learn more about it.

3. GIF method

You can’t send a picture on a Tinder dating app in an official manner. But there is a way around it. You can do it with a GIF to show off some funny moments or tell a story about yourself. A GIF is a short video clip that uses animation to make things look like real life. They are often used to express emotions such as happiness, sadness, surprise, etc.

GIFs are great because they are easy to use, fun to watch and provide a unique experience. You can easily upload a GIF on Tinder and add some commentary to explain what you are doing. And unlike photos, they don’t take much space. Moreover, you can make your GIF

Here is how you can send Gifs on the dating app:

1. Go into the chat window of one match.

2. At the bottom left corner of the screen, you’ll notice a blue circle with the word “gif” written on it. Click on it.

3. A small window will pop up where you can upload the picture you want to use as a gif.

4. Once you’ve uploaded the image, you can start sending the gif.

5. Your friend will receive the picture within seconds.

4. Bitmoji method

Tinder just added another way to make your profile stand out. You can now send a Bitmoji to your match via text. This allows you to add some personality to your conversations without typing a lengthy description.

All you have to do is open up Tinder, select a conversation, tap the little blue icon next to the person’s name, and choose the Bitmoji option. Then, enter a caption and hit Send. Your Bitmoji will appear in the same place as a photo or video — and it even looks like a real face!

You can find the Bitmoji option under the “Send a Bitmoji” button in the bottom left corner of every chat screen. If you don’t see the option, try sending a different emoji or tapping the word “Bitmoji.”

The Bitmoji feature is rolling out globally over the coming weeks. So far, we’ve seen it work on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry devices.

By following the above methods, you can easily send pictures of your dates on Tinder. You can find out what people are looking for and what they want. You can use the tips we shared here if you do not know how to start a conversation.

Thank you for reading our blog! We hope that it helped you in some way. We wish you luck in meeting someone special on Tinder. Good luck!

5. Take her off Tinder

The Tinder app isn’t just about swiping left or right. It’s also about sending messages, making plans, and getting laid. But what happens when you want to send a nice pic of yourself to a girl you met on Tinder, but she doesn’t even know you exist? Well, there is a simple way around that problem. All you have to do is ask for her contact information and send the picture elsewhere. Here’s how it goes down;

Step 1: Ask for her contact information.

If you don’t already have her number, type “what’s up?” into the text box. Tell her you’d love to send her a picture if she responds. Then, ask her for her email address or phone number. She might respond by saying, “I don’t use Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat. I don’t care about my personal life.” Don’t worry. Most girls aren’t like this. They’ll probably give you her phone number or email address.

Step 2: Send the picture via another app

Now that you have her contact information send her a Snapchat. You can find her Snapcode here. Just follow the steps outlined in the video and send her a snap. Once she receives it, she’ll be none the wiser because she won’t have access to her inbox.

Step 3: Receive her response

Once she sends you a reply, you can open it up, look at her profile, and decide whether or not you want to continue chatting with her. Now, if you’re looking to hook up with her, you can always send her a message on Instagram or Twitter.



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