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The 15 Best Ghosting Responses That'll Haunt Them Forever

The 15 Best Ghosting Responses That’ll Haunt Them Forever

  • 9 min read

The 15 Best Ghosting Responses That’ll Haunt Them Forever Ghosting is never okay. You deserve better than to be ignored and left hanging without any explanation. However, there are times when you may not be able to control whether or not you receive a response. Sometimes, you simply won’t hear back from someone. Ghosting is… 

How To Reply to Hey Text?

How To Reply to “Hey” Text?

  • 10 min read

How Do I Reply To “Hey” Text? If you receive a simple “hey” text, with some good and witty responses you can give the chat some reason to go anywhere. You can start off with a joke, or ask a question. Or you can tell him/her that you are busy at work, or that you… 

What Is Dry Texting?

What Is Dry Texting?

  • 11 min read

What Exactly Is Dry Texting? Dry texting is something where you are in a text chat with someone and they don’t respond with anything else besides short messages. These messages may include one-word answers or very little response at all. This usually occurs when you are trying to keep the conversation going and the other…