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Jokes That Make A Girl Laugh Over Text

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Jokes That Make A Girl Laugh Over Text

Here Are Some Jokes That Will Make A Girl Laugh

Texting is a great way to keep in touch with a crush without ever having to leave your house. You can send funny jokes, cute pictures, and witty messages to your crush, and she’ll probably laugh at them. Just remember to pick a joke that makes sense for the situation.

For instance, if you’re asking a girl out for coffee, you might not want to tell her that you’re allergic to cats. There are plenty of jokes that will make girls laugh, including ones about food, animals, celebrities, and pop culture.

So, whether you’re trying to impress a new crush or simply making conversation with a friend, here are some jokes that will definitely make her laugh.

To Make A Girl Laugh, Text A Random Fact Or Detail From Your Day.

To Make A Girl Laugh, Text A Random Fact Or Detail From Your Day.

A great way to make a girl laugh is to send her a random fact or detail from your day. Humor is all about taking someone by surprise in a fun and comfortable way! If your girlfriend sees a totally unexpected message from you, this might be worth a chuckle.

Make sure that you include a little bit of humor in your messages.

  • Send over a funny comment without any context, like, ‘I wonder how Ariel’s hairstyle was always dry right after she came out of the water in The Little Mermaid.’
  • Send over a random fact or detail without warning, like, ‘Did you know that cows in Switzerland have regional accents?’
  • Send over a funny comment, like, ‘I wonder how Ariel’s hairdo was always dry after she came out of the sea.’

Make A Reference To A Previous Topic Or Joke In The Conversation.

A great way to make a girl laugh over text is to reference a previous topic or joke in the conversation. This strategy, called a callback, takes a little bit of attention to detail and strategic planning. By suddenly bringing back a previously mentioned topic or joke, you’ll surprise her and bond over the shared experiences.

You can also reference a previous topic or story in the conversation by using a wordplay technique. Say something like, “I’m pretty bad at math,” and then add, “But I’m really good at adding two plus two.” She might not catch the pun right away, but once she does, she’ll probably start laughing uncontrollably.

Take Inspiration From Your Amusing Life Experiences.

Sometimes we forget to laugh at ourselves. We tend to focus on our problems instead of enjoying the funny side of life. But if you want to write a joke that makes a girl laugh, you should look back on your amusing life experiences. These humorous events can inspire you to come up with new ideas for jokes.

You can also research sources to find inspiration for your next joke. Look through magazines, newspapers, books, websites, blogs, and social media sites to find examples of humor. Then, brainstorm some of your favorite stories that have gotten big laughter in the past.

Send A Simple, Dad-approved Joke.

Text messaging is a great way to send a simple, dad-approved joke. You’ll never run out of ideas, and you won’t have to worry about being creepy or weird.

Just keep in mind that most girls will probably laugh at these types of jokes. So if you’re not sure whether she’ll find them funny, try testing them out on her friends first.

Send Her A Stupid Pickup Line.

There’s nothing worse than sending a girl a stupid pickup line. You might think she likes you, but chances are she doesn’t. She probably thinks you’re a creep. So if you really want to impress her, send her a stupid pickup line instead. Here are some examples of stupid pickup lines:

  • “Hey baby, wanna come over tonight?”
  • “Do you like sushi? I’m buying!”
  • “Can I buy you a drink?”
  • “What’s your favorite color?”
  • “Are you single?”

Send Her Texts That Appear To Be Real Messages But Are Actually Just Song Lyrics Or Movie Quotes.

This is a great way to send a girl a joke without actually sending her anything. You can play off of songs and movies that she knows and pretend that you sent her a real message.

Or you can pick something that both of you know. For example, you can say, “Hi! How are you?” And then wait for a response. If she sends you a song lyric or movie quotation, you can keep the conversation going.

Send A Text That Exaggerates Your Situation Or The Situation Of The Person You’re Texting.

This joke works well if you’re trying to send a text to a girl that makes her laugh. However, it doesn’t work if you’re sending a text to a guy. Guys tend to think that girls only find guys funny, so they won’t appreciate your attempt at humor.

You should avoid using jokes that are too obvious. Instead, try to come up with a joke that is unexpected and surprising.

Try not to repeat yourself. If you tell a joke twice, chances are that the second time will sound less funny. Keep your jokes fresh by coming up with new ones every once in a while.

To Make Your Crush Laugh, Use An Inside Joke.

To Make Your Crush Laugh, Use An Inside Joke.

This is a great idea if you’ve ever had a crush on someone. Using an inside joke that only you and your crush know about makes it easier to make her laugh.

You’ll probably think of a memory where you and your crush were laughing hysterically at something ridiculous. Think about a detail of that experience, such as a picture of the two of you doing something silly.

Send Her A Ridiculous, Hilarious News Headline To Make Her Laugh.

This joke is pretty funny, right? Send it to your girlfriend or wife and watch her face light up. She might even start laughing at herself after reading it.

You can find hundreds of ridiculous news headlines online. Choose one that makes you laugh and send it to your girlfriend or spouse. You’ll probably crack her up!

Make Your Best Impression And Send It.

This joke is great if you’re trying to impress a girl. It’s not only hilarious but it’s guaranteed to get a huge reaction out of her. She’ll probably start laughing right away, and she might even fall in love with you!

Or, you can address her directly in your chosen famous voice and say, “Hey there, have a good day!”. Your best impression is guaranteed to get a huge response from your crush. So, send it now!

Send A Link To A TikTok Video Or Tweet That Made You Laugh.

You don’t have to be a comedian to send a link to a Tik Tok video or tweet that made you chuckle. Just pick something that you think will appeal to the recipient.

Choose something that you know will make them laugh. For example, if you know your crush loves slapstick humor, choose something funny like a video of someone slipping on icy ground.

Don’t forget to include a personal note at the end. Tell them why you chose the video or tweet and let them know that you thought it was hilarious.

How To Make A Girl Laugh?

There are lots of jokes out there that women find funny. You should definitely keep a list of those jokes handy. However, if you really want to connect with a woman, you’ll want to focus on making her laugh. Women tend to respond well to humor, especially if it comes from a man. Here are some suggestions to make your girl laugh:

Being Humorous In Conversation

Compile A Collection Of Amusing Stories.

You’ll want to compile a collection of humorous stories that you can pull from if you ever need to impress a girl. You should definitely include stories that happen to you in the past. These types of stories tend to be very relatable and are great at making girls laugh.

Think about some amusing stuff that’s happened to you in the last year, like wearing your shirt inside out for class pictures. Or maybe you had a pet that was really cute. Whatever the case may be, there are bound to be some hilarious stories that you can share with her.

Memorize Some Good One-Liners.

There are plenty of jokes out there that you can memorize and use whenever you feel like being silly. These are some of my favorites. Memorizing them will give you a sense of humor and confidence when you need it most.

Play To Your Strengths To Develop Your Own Sense Of Humor.

You’ll want to play to your strengths if you want to develop your sense of humor. Think about stuff you do or say that makes your friends laugh on a regular basis. If you’re great at physical humor, then go with that. If imitation is your strong suit, then imitate your friends’ jokes.

Laugh At Yourself.

You might think that only comedians can pull off this kind of humor, but anyone can do it. Just remember to keep it lighthearted and funny. Don’t try to be mean or hurtful; instead, focus on making others smile.

Make Witty Remarks About Previous Conversations Or Situations With Her.

You can tell a whole lot about someone by their self-description. You can find out a lot about a girl by making witty remarks about previous conversations or situations with her.

You can also make jokes based on something she’s told you before. Not only will she laugh, but she’ll also probably be flattered that she’s made a memorable remark that you remembered.

For example, let’s say she told you she likes cats. You might say, “Hey, did you ever notice that cat hair looks really similar to a human hair? Like, if you rubbed two pieces of fur against each other, they’d look almost identical!”

She’ll definitely enjoy the joke and feel flatters that you remembered that detail.

Sending Funny Text Messages

Recognize The Potential Of A Funny Meme.

A lot of times, we think that memes are only funny if they are about something serious. But there are plenty of memes that are actually funny without being related to anything at all. So if you want to make a girl laugh, try sending her a funny meme.

There are two types of memes: ones that are funny and ones that are not. There are also memes that are funny for certain groups of people and others that are not.

So if you want to make your girlfriend laugh, look for memes that are appropriate for her interests. Avoid sending her a constant barrage, though. Some people might find this annoying or just downright weird.

Send Her Links To Entertaining Youtube Videos.

You can easily find entertaining YouTube videos online. You can also look at the comments section of any video to see if there are any jokes that might work for you.

Make sure not to send these types of messages to her constantly though. She may start getting sick of them and stop responding to them altogether. Instead, try to send them occasionally to keep her entertained.

Look For Funny Gifs To Share Or Create Your Own.

There are plenty of places online where you can find funny gifs to send to your crush. You can either search for funny gifs on Google or Tumblr, or you can simply search for “gifs + any topic she loves”. Once you’ve found a bunch of funny gifs, you can save them to your phone or computer and share them later.

Take A Silly Selfie And Apply A Funny Snapchat Filter To It.

Send your girlfriend a selfie with a funny Snapchat filter applied to it. She might not laugh at first, but if she does, she’ll probably appreciate the effort you took to make her smile.

There are lots of funny Snapchat filters out there, so try experimenting with a couple. You never know, she might even reciprocate with one herself!

Research shows that women tend to respond well to cute selfies, so you should definitely include some in your collection. Baby pictures are especially effective since they show off your relationship status.

Make sure to include plenty of self-portraits in your collection, since they are very effective at making girls laugh.

Using The Proper Tone Of Humor

Choose The Appropriate Time For Humor.

Humor is a powerful tool that can be used effectively in any setting. However, there are times when it’s inappropriate to use humor. You should only use humor when the situation calls for it.

For example, if you knock over a drink at a bar, that’s a great opportunity to make a silly joke. But if you’re upset about something going on with your girlfriend, you might find yourself saying something that makes her feel worse instead of making her laugh.

Get A Sense Of What She Finds Amusing And Work With That.

You should never force a joke at someone’s expense. Instead, ask open-ended questions to find out what makes her laugh. You’ll be able to tell whether she enjoys jokes that are politically incorrect or not.

Once you’ve found out what she likes, you can use that knowledge to write jokes that are appropriate for her. Don’t ever force a joke at someone else’s expense. Instead, try to get a feel for her personality and work with that.

Maintain A Light Tone.

You should definitely maintain a light tone when talking to your girlfriend. You don’t want to come across as being overly sarcastic or mean. Instead, try to find jokes that are funny without being offensive.

This kind of joke is funny because it doesn’t sound mean or sarcastic. It’s also not offensive because it’s not directed at anyone in particular.

Laugh With Her Rather Than At Her.

If you want to make a girl laugh, you should try to mimic her sense of humor. You’ll find that most girls enjoy being laughed at, especially if it’s done in a lighthearted manner.

You can also use off-color humor to make her laugh. If you’re feeling playful, you might consider using risqué jokes. Just remember that only follow her lead once you’ve determined her style of humor.

If she seems nervous, ask about her favorite comedians, funny movies, or television shows. Watch or reference them during your date to help stimulate a relaxed, fun atmosphere.

Don’t Feel Obligated To Be Amusing All Of The Time.

If you want to make her laugh, try using jokes that are appropriate for the situation at hand. You might find that telling a joke about a specific subject makes her laugh. Or maybe you can tell a joke about a certain event that happened recently.



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