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Text Your Crush These Sweet And Funny Good Morning Texts

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Text Your Crush These Sweet And Funny Good Morning Texts

Sweet And Funny Good Morning Texts For Your Crush

A good morning text should be short and sweet. Keep it simple and lighthearted. Keep your messages lighthearted and playful. Send a joke or two, or include a quote that makes you smile. Remember, you want to keep your crush interested and engaged. Try to keep it under 100 words. Anything longer than that may come across as too needy or desperate.

You’ve finally met someone you think might be worth pursuing romantically. Now, you’re trying to figure out how to break the ice and let him or her know that you’d like to meet up for coffee sometime. A good way to do this is with a sweet and funny good morning text.

Don’t forget to add a personal touch. Include a photo of yourself or a picture of where you live. Showing your interest in your crush will show that you really mean it. Don’t worry if you don’t have any song lyrics handy; there are plenty of free ones online. Just pick a couple that sounds good to you and send them along.

Now that you’ve sent your first glorious morning message, you’ll probably want to send another one soon after. Sending multiple texts within a short period of time shows that you’re serious about wanting to meet up with your sweet crush.

Remember, you want to keep the conversation light and fun. Be careful not to cross the line between being friendly and being creepy. Make sure to include beautiful smile face emojis in your messages. These are the most common form of communication used today, and they’ll definitely catch your crush’s attention.

Your messages should be short and sweet. Try to avoid using cheesy lines or songs. Instead, focus on keeping your messages lighthearted and friendly.

Don’t forget to include a smiley emoji in your messages. These will definitely catch your crush’s interest.

Cute Good Morning Texts To Send To Your Crush

Cute Good Morning Texts To Send To Your Crush

If you want to send a cute good morning text message to your beautiful person, here are some ideas:

  1. “Good morning sunshine! I’m excited to see you today. Let’s do something fun!”
  2. “Good morning, darling! I can’t wait to show you off tonight at dinner.”
  3. “Hi there, sweetheart! I can’t wait for our date tomorrow. I’d be happy to pick you up at 9 pm sharp.”
  4. “Good morning, babe! I can’t believe we’re officially engaged. I’m so proud of us. We should celebrate by going out for breakfast.”
  5. “Good evening, sweetheart! I can’t wait until you come from your job. I’m going to make food for us this night.”
  6. “Good morning, my love! I can’t wait till we meet up after work. I’ll treat you to lunch at the restaurant where we met. What do you say?”
  7. “Good morning, sunshine! I can’t wait till we hang out tonight. we will go outside to eat your favorite healthy food.”
  8. “Good morning, baby. Let’s go out for breakfast together.
  9. “Good morning, sweetheart! I can’t wait ’til we hang out tonight.”
  10. “Good morning! Would you be free for a coffee?”
  11. “Good morning, baby girl! I can’t wait to see you later. I’m gonna give you a massage and pamper you.”
  12. “Good morning, honey! I can’t wait for the beach. I’m bringing my surfboard and board shorts just for you.”
  13. “Good morning, Dream girl! I can’t wait to see you tonight. Do you think you could meet me at 10 pm?”
  14. “Good morning, cutest heart! I can’t wait to see you later. I’m taking you to brunch at the place where we had our first date.”
  15. “Good morning, beauty! I can’t wait ta see you later. I’m cooking you dinner at my house.”
  16. “Good morning, sweetness! I can’t wait to see you later. I’ll pick you up at 5 pm. I’ll take you to dinner at the restaurant where we first met.”
  17. “You are the light of my life. I’m glad we met. Beautiful morning, sunshine!”
  18. “Your smile brightens my day. I wish you a very happy day!”
  19. “May your day be filled with joy and laughter. I love you!”
  20. “Have a great day, darling. I’ll see you tonight!”
  21. “I love waking up next to you. Fresh morning, sunshine.”
  22. “I love waking you up with kisses. Good morning, sunshine. Love you!”
  23. “I love waking up to your smile. Good morning, sunshine, my love.”
  24. “I love waking up with you. Good morning, sweetness. I love you!”
  25. Wake up, my love. Flowers and smiles await you.
  26. I’m awake now, darling. Let’s talk.
  27. I’m awake now beautiful friend. What do you want to talk about?
  28. I’m awake now and I’m ready to talk.
  29. I’m awake now…and I’m ready to listen.
  30. I’m awake now sweet friend let’s chat.
  31. I’m awake now – let’s talk.
  32. I’m awake now! What do you want to discuss?
  33. I’m awake now – let’s talk.
  34. I’m awake now…what do you want to talk to me about?
  35. I’m awake now….let’s talk.
  36. I’m awake now….what do you want to discuss with me?
  37. I’m awake now…..let’s talk.
  38. I’m awake now……what do you want to tell me?
  39. Say hi! Start off by saying hello to your crush. Tell him/her how awesome he/she looks.
  40. Compliment his/her appearance. Tell your crush how pretty he/she looks. Remind him/her of a time when he/she looked especially stunning.
  41. Ask if he/she had a good night’s sleep. Ask if he/ she had a good breakfast.
  42. Share a funny story. Tell your crush a joke.
  43. Wish him/her luck. Tell your crush that you wish him/ her success.
  44. Tell him/her that you love him/her. Tell your crush that he/she means the world to you.
  45. Tell him/her you’ll call him/her later. Tell your crush that it’s going to be a long day at work, but you’ll talk to him/her later.
  46. Tell him/her not to worry. Tell your crush that everything will be okay.
  47. Tell him/her to enjoy the day. Tell your crush that there’s no place else you’d rather be.
  48. Tell him/her he/she is perfect just the way he/she is. Tell your crush that nothing needs to change.
  49. Tell him/her something nice. Tell your crush that even though you don’t know him/her very well, you appreciate him/her.
  50. Tell him/her what you’re thankful for. Tell your crush that although you may not know him/her very much, you’re thankful for him/her.
  51. Tell him/her about your day. Tell your crush what happened during your day.
  52. Tell him/her a secret. Tell your crush that despite the fact that you don’t know him/her very well, you trust him/her completely.

Funny Good Morning Texts To Send To Your Crush

Funny Good Morning Texts To Send To Your Crush

This is a funny collection of good morning texts to send to your crush. These messages are guaranteed to give cute smile to her face and feel special. You might not believe it, but sending a good morning text to your crush can actually work wonders.

You may not realize it, but women respond very positively to good morning texts. Women appreciate being treated kindly and receiving sweet words of encouragement. Sending a good morning text to a woman makes her feel special and loved.

These funny good morning texts to send your crush are guaranteed to make her laugh out loud. She’ll definitely enjoy reading them and she’ll probably remember them forever.

  1. Good morning Honey. I’m writing you this email at 8 am so that you can be thinking about me all day long!
  2. Hello there, funny morning to the best choice I’ve ever made!
  3. Hello, Earth! It’s good to see you again.
  4. You are the French person to my English breakfast. I want to say “lovely morning” and that I am also very hungry at the moment.
  5. Get out of bed, get out of bed, get up, get up.
  6. Hello! It’s going to be lovely today.
  7. With you in my life, I know that my future will be bright.
  8. You can also write a good evening text to your crush if he/she is not at home. You can say that you are missing him/her and you want to talk to him/her.
  9. You can also send a gracious morning text to her if she is sleeping. You can say that it is already morning and you want to talk with her.
  10. You can also say that you are waiting for her to wake up. You can also say that you want to talk to her after she wakes up.
  11. You can also give her a good morning kiss in the text to him if he is not at home. Say that you missed him and you want to talk.
  12. You can also tell him that you are awake and you want to talk now. You can also say you are waiting for him to wake up.
  13. You can say that you are waiting to hear from him. You can also say he should call you.

Send a good morning text to her today and let her know how wonderful she is. She’ll thank you later!

Flirty Good Morning Texts To Send To Your Crush

You’ve probably heard of flirting through texts, but did you know that there are actually specific rules for texting? There are certain types of messages that are considered inappropriate, and others that are considered acceptable.

For example, if you send a message that starts out with “good morning,” chances are that precious person won’t respond. However, if you start off with “hey sexy,” then you might be able to get away with it.

There are also certain times of day when you should avoid sending flirty texts. Sending a message at 3 am is definitely not appropriate, since most people are asleep. On the flip side, sending a message at 9 pm is perfectly fine. People are usually awake and thinking about getting laid.

So, if you want to flirt with someone without being creepy, here are some tips for sending flirty texts:

  1. Don’t send a message that starts with “good morning.”
  2. Avoid sending a message after midnight.
  3. Try to avoid sending a message during school hours.
  4. Be careful when using slang words.
  5. Keep your messages short and sweet.
  6. Don’t send a picture unless you really mean it.
  7. Don’t send a photo of yourself.
  8. Don’t send a nude photo.
  9. Don’t send a video.
  10. Don’t send a link to a website.


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