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40 Interesting Things To Talk About With Your Crush

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40 Interesting Things To Talk About With Your Crush

Here’s A List Of 40 Things To Talk about With Your Crush

Talking to your crush is a great way to show interest in her/him. You can talk about anything from movies to books to music to sports. There really isn’t any limit to what you can discuss with your crush. Just remember not to talk about topics that might upset your crush.

You may think that talking to your crush is hard work, but there are actually lots of excellent topics to discuss with them. There are several emotional topics, meaningful topics, and innocuous topics. Here are the top 40 things you should definitely talk about with your crush.

1. What Sort of Person Is She?

Women tend to talk about themselves quite a bit, especially when they feel comfortable with you. So, if you’re interested in getting to know a girl, start off by asking her about herself. Ask open-ended questions, like “Tell me about yourself”, “Who are you?”, and “Why did you decide to come here?”.

2. Hobbies

Talk about hobbies with your crush. You’ll find that there are plenty of things you can talk about that won’t seem awkward at all. Some ideas include sports, music, movies, books, TV shows, video games, food, travel, pets, family, etc.

3. Past Dating History

You should never settle for less than the woman you really want. So if she doesn’t have any serious dating history, then you shouldn’t either.

So if you find yourself talking about your past relationships, then you might want to rethink whether you’re actually interested in the right person.

4. Zodiac

Women these days are pretty hardcore when it comes to compatibility. They’ll look at your zodiac sign to find out if you’re compatible with them. You might think that this is silly, but there’s actually science behind it.

5. Personality

You should talk about your personality with your crush. You’ll find out if she shares similar traits with you, and you’ll be able to determine whether you two are compatible.

6. Childhood

Talking about childhood is a great way to connect emotionally with your crush. Childhood is a special time in our lives when we were innocent and naïve. We didn’t know any better, and we had no idea what was coming next.

7. Overcoming Challenges

Talking about the challenges you’ve faced in life can create opportunities to connect emotionally with your crush. You’ll find that talking about those experiences helps you bond with him/her.

So, start talking about the challenges you’ve both faced in life. You’ll find that it creates opportunities for emotional connection and trust between you two.

8. Spirituality

You’ll also learn how to listen and learn about your crush’s spiritual beliefs. Don’t worry if she doesn’t believe in God; instead, focus on learning about her spiritual beliefs. Ask open-ended questions and let her talk about whatever she wants.

9. Music

People tend to keep their Spotify playlists private, meaning only those they trust can view them. However, if you look closely enough, you’ll notice that there are certain patterns in the types of music people listen to. These patterns tell us a lot about who we are and what we enjoy listening to.

10. Positivity And Negativity

Asking questions about positivity and negativity is a great way to start conversations with others. However, it’s important to keep the tone lighthearted and not come off as creepy.

11. Favorite Movie

There are plenty of reasons to talk about movies with your crush. You might enjoy watching them together, you may find yourself learning about new films, or maybe you just really like talking about movies. Whatever the reason, there are lots of topics to discuss with your crush.

12. Traveling


There are lots of reasons to travel. You’ll feel adventurous, experience new cultures, meet interesting people, and enjoy yourself immensely. Traveling is literally good for your health.

13. Favorite Food

Talking about your favorite food is a great conversation starter. You can start off by asking your crush if he/she likes any specific types of food. Then, you can ask him/her what his/her favorite food is.

14. Future Goals

You should talk about your future goals with your crush if you think they might be compatible. You’ll want to find out whether they have similar goals and dreams for the future. If not, then there may be no point in pursuing a relationship with her.

15. Lifestyle

There are lots of topics to talk about with your crush. You can discuss anything from fashion to food to movies to music. However, if you want to impress her, you should focus on lifestyle topics. These include things like travel, hobbies, sports, books, movies, music, etc.

Instead, start off by asking fun questions about her favorite foods, movies, music, books, etc. Then, once you find common ground, you can move on to discussing more personal topics.

16. Political

You should definitely talk about political issues with your crush. However, you shouldn’t argue about politics with him/her. Instead, listen to learn, observe and see if the two are in any way compatible.

You might find that you have similar views on certain topics, such as environmentalism, feminism, animal rights, etc. If you do, then you’ll probably enjoy discussing those topics with your crush.

But if you don’t agree on anything, then there’s no point arguing about it. Just keep quiet and let the two of you figure out whether you’re compatible.

17. Quirks

Women love talking about their quirks. Quirks are little habits or personality traits that only certain people possess. Some examples include being a neat freak, being a foodie, or being a bookworm. Women tend to enjoy sharing their quirks with others, especially if those quirks are similar to theirs.

18. Her Views On Family

If you want to have a family, then you should talk to her about her views on family. You’ll want to ask questions like: Do you think children are a blessing? What kind of family structure do you prefer? How does your family celebrate the holidays? These types of questions will give you insight into whether or not you two are compatible.

19. Heroes And Mentors

You should talk to your crush about these mentors and ask if they admire anyone else. You might find out that they admire someone who inspires them, teaches them something new, or makes them laugh. These types of mentors are usually very inspiring and motivating.

Talking to your crush about these types of mentors and celebrity crushes can give you some keen insights into their values and character. You’ll be able to tell if they’re wise enough to look up to and learn from highly successful and exceptional people.

20. Religions

There are lots of religions out there, and talking about them with your crush is a great conversation starter. You’ll find that most girls are fascinated by religious topics, and they enjoy learning about them. Religion is a fascinating subject, and it’s a great way to start conversations with her.

Talking about religion with your crush is a fun way to break the ice and get to know her better. She’ll probably appreciate hearing about your favorite religion and maybe even ask questions about it.

21. Podcasts

You can compare notes on a few of the podcasts you enjoy listening to. This makes for great conversation at parties, dinner dates, and any other social gathering.

22. Conspiracy Theories

You might find yourself talking about conspiracy theories with your crush. You’ll probably start off by asking questions about her beliefs, and then you’ll end up discussing them with her. There are plenty of conspiracy theories out there, so you should definitely talk about them with your crush!

23. Intergender Dynamics

You may also find out that he likes discussing intergender dynamics with his crush. Maybe you could talk about it with her too. She might appreciate hearing what he has to say.

24. Aliens

You’ll also find that talking about aliens makes your conversations more interesting. So, whether you’re meeting new people at work, chatting online, or hanging out with friends, talk about aliens!

This list of hypothetical questions is a great conversation starter. You’ll find yourself asking more questions after reading through it.

25. Mythology

If you’re interested in learning more about mythology, then you’ll definitely want to talk about it with your crush. Mythology is fascinating, and there are plenty of myths to discuss. You can start by reading about the ancient Greek, Roman, Nordic, and Egyptian myths. Then, if you’d like, you can continue discussing the stories behind those myths.

26. Annoying Songs

Annoying Songs

You can start off by asking him/her what his/her favorite songs are. Then, ask him/her what he/she thinks about those songs. And finally, ask him/her if he/she knows any songs that bother him/her.

Now, compare notes and see if you can come up with a list of songs that everyone hates. But, no matter how big or small your list is, you should still talk about it with your crush.

27. Wi-Fi Network Names

Wi-Fi network names are very important. If you trust them you can talk about Wi-Fi names. You should never talk about Wi-Fi network names unless you are absolutely certain that you are talking to the right person. Otherwise, you risk getting yourself banned from the Wi-Fi network.

28. Classy Vs Trashy

You should talk about classiness and trashiness with your crush. You’ll find that there are certain deep topics that are considered to be classy and others that are considered to be trashy. Ask her what she considers to define classiness and trashiness, and then ask her for examples.

29. Awkward Experiences

You’ll never find yourself in a situation where you feel comfortable talking to a girl if you haven’t experienced any awkward moments with her. You may think that girls only talk to guys who seem cool and confident, but that isn’t necessarily true.

Girls are actually attracted to guys who make them laugh. So, if you want to impress a girl, try making her laugh. Here are ten proven methods that comedians use to make women laugh.

30. Embarrassing Stories

You may not realize it, but everyone has embarrassing stories to tell. Whether it’s about a bad date, a failed job interview, or a humiliating moment at school, we all have our fair share of embarrassing moments.

Go story-for-story and find out if your crush has had any embarrassing experiences. You’ll probably be surprised to hear about some pretty funny stories.

31. Drinking Stories

There are plenty of interesting stories about drinking that you can tell your crush. These include stories about how scotch tastes, how to drink it properly, and how to avoid getting drunk. Share these stories with your crush and let her/him know that you’re living your best sober life now.

32. Theme Song

Your crush might not know any of your favorite music, but if you play them on repeat, he/she may start to notice. You can talk about your favorite song themes with your crush by playing them on the car stereo.

33. Tattoo Ideas

There are plenty of great ideas for tattoos that guys can discuss with their crush. You can talk about the meaning behind the tattoo, where it was done, and whether or not it looks cool. There are tons of topics to cover, so pick whatever you think is most interesting.

34. Superpowers

Once you start talking about your superpower, you’ll notice that your crush starts thinking about it too. And once he or she thinks about it, you’ll be able to convince him or her to give it a shot.

35. Cooking

You can talk about cooking with your crush if you’d like. Cooking is a great conversation starter, especially if you enjoy doing it yourself. You can ask questions about his favorite dishes, ingredients, and techniques. You can also find out where he learned to cook and what inspired him to start cooking.

36. Books

Books are great conversation starters. You can talk about books with anyone at any time. Whether you’re talking about books with your crush, your parents, your siblings, your friends, or your co-workers, there’s no limit to where you can discuss books.

37. Favorite Hangout Place

There are plenty of places where you can talk about travel with your crush. You can visit museums, parks, zoos, aquariums, historical sites, art galleries, theaters, concert halls, sports stadiums, amusement parks, theme parks, botanical gardens, national monuments, nature preserves, scenic drives, hiking trails, beaches, lakes, rivers, mountains, caves, deserts, forests, ski resorts, golf courses, waterfalls, etc.

38. Favorite Family Members

Talking about favorite family members is a great conversation starter. You can talk about anything from your childhood memories to your current life goals. Talking about your favorite family member helps you bond with others and makes you feel closer to them.

39. Things That Irritate You

There is plenty of topic of discussion that you can talk about with your crush. Some of those topics include:

  • Someone breaking the line at the grocery store
  • A person honking their horn
  • Someone talking loudly on their cell phone
  • Someone walking through the parking lot without looking
  • Someone eating food off the floor
  • Someone spilling water on themselves
  • Someone dropping something
  • Someone farting
  • Someone leaving dirty dishes in the sink
  • Someone playing loud music
  • Someone smoking
  • Someone swearing

40. Hometown

If your crush is from another country, talk about where he/she comes from. Share things about your hometown and maybe even plan to visit in the future. You never know if you’ll ever meet him/her again, so you might as well start talking now.

You can find out a lot about a person by asking questions about his/her hometown. People tend to feel comfortable sharing personal stories about themselves. Plus, you can learn a lot about a person’s personality by learning about his/her hometown!

Questions To Keep A Conversation Going With Your Crush

What Is Your Most Disgusting Secret Talent?

Everyone has a talent that they secretly enjoy doing. Whether it’s playing guitar, singing, dancing, drawing, painting, sculpting, cooking, writing, acting, etc., there is something that we all enjoy doing. However, most people never talk about their talents because they think no one else cares. But if you ask anyone who knows you well, they’ll tell you that you have a secret talent that you enjoy doing.

Which Of Your Earliest Memories Is The Most Embarrassing?

You may not realize it, but there was a time when you were very young when you had no idea what you were doing. You didn’t know anything about sex, drugs, alcohol, relationships, dating, etc. So if you find yourself talking to a crush and you start to feel nervous, try asking him/her questions about his/her earliest memories.

Which Of Your Past Haircuts Was The Worst?

Ask your crush which of his/her past haircuts was the worst. You’ll probably notice that he/she doesn’t really remember any of them. But you might be able to guess at least one haircut based on his/her current hairstyle.

What Has Ever Happened To You On A Date That Was The Most Awkward?

There are times when we meet someone new and we feel awkward talking to them. We may not know anything about them, or we may not know if they’ll be interested in us. But there are certain questions that you should ask yourself before asking those questions to your crush. These questions will help you keep the conversation going and avoid being awkward.

What Is The Worst Offence You Have Ever Committed Against Your Parents?

But if you really want to impress your crush, you should ask her questions about the offense committed against her parent. Ask her about her favorite hobbies, interests, and passions. Find out what she likes to do outside of work, and find out what makes her laugh.

What Was Your Very First Screen Name Or Email Address?

Ask yourself questions about your very first screen name or email address. What was your favorite color? Who were your favorite bands/artists? Did you play any sports? What did you study in school? How old were you when you started using social media?

Which Fashion Trend Did You Once Embrace But Now Utterly Regret?

You may think that you’re not interested in fashion trends anymore, but there’s still plenty of room for growth. Ask her about embracing moments related to the bad fashion trend.

What Is The Strangest Thing You Have Ever Done At A Stranger’s Home?

There’s nothing stranger than doing something weird at a stranger’s house. Whether it’s eating food off the floor, playing with a pet piglet, or watching a movie in bed, there’s no telling what you’ll find yourself doing if you visit a stranger’s home.

Ask questions to keep the conversation going with your crush. Ask him/her questions about his/her life, interests, hobbies, etc. Don’t ask personal questions unless he/she invites you to. Otherwise, you may come across as creepy.



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