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Is Tinder Gold Worth the Cost?

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Is Tinder Gold Worth Paying For? Is Tinder Gold Worth It for You?

If you’ve been using Tinder for a while, you might have noticed a couple of ads pop up for the Tinder gold membership option, this is a paid upgraded membership that is said to give your profiles a boost, but begs the question, is it worth the hype? 

Tinder gold does give you a tinder boost by allowing you to scroll through more profiles per day, look through tinder profile options that have already liked your account and also see their ‘top picks for you based on the Tinder algorithm but might not help you get more matches.

To help you decide whether or not it’s worth paying to upgrade to Tinder gold we’ve composed a short guide below which will take you through what the benefits are of signing up for Tinder Gold, the drawbacks of buying Tinder gold, how much the upgraded membership costs and how it differs to Tinder plus. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using Tinder Gold? 

Tinder gold gives you access to off-limit features that average users are not allowed to use, but just how beneficial are these new tools? 

We’ve listed the main advantages of this paid upgrade below. 

You Get a Tinder Boost 

When you sign up for Tinder Gold you get to use a feature called Tinder Gold once a month, this feature takes you to the top of everyone’s Tinder que within your area for an extra boost in the Tinder game, we suggest doing this during peak usage time which is typically evening for an instant tinder match!

See Your Top Picks 

Based on the Tinder algorithm, Tinder picks and choose for you what they think are your best matches, they will give you 4-10 picks a day of different people and you can swipe right on all of them, increasing your chances of scoring a match.

You Can See Who Liked You

If you have liked, Tinder gold will present you with a stack of who liked you to scroll through allowing you to swipe right on all of them with no limits, this speeds up your searching time and increases the chances of you getting matched due to the fact the profiles already like you.

Unlimited Swipes & Reversals 

A standard Tinder account comes with swipe limits, a gold account however allows you to have unlimited swipes without a 12-hour limit till you can swipe again, you also get to use 5 super like rather than the initial one super like helping you to stand out from the crowd. 

As well as unlimited swipes forward you get unlimited swipe reversals as well.

Tinder Passport 

Having the Tinder passport function allows you to travel to new places with your Tinder and set up new dates there ahead of time.

Hide Your Information

Tinder gold gives your more privacy options than the average user, it allows you to hide your location and even your age, some people can find this off-putting however as it could appear robot-like.

No More Ads 

If you find the normal ads on your account annoying Tinder gold gets rid of them entirely so you can simply focus on swiping only!

Are There Any Drawbacks To Using Tinder Gold? 

Now we know all the benefits you can get for buying Tinder gold, some downfalls are worth considering before your fork out money for this upgrade. 

  • You can find some features for free – A few of the features included with the Gold membership you can find for free anyway, for example, finding out who likes you can be done by swiping right.
  • It doesn’t make you any more likely to match – Having Tinder gold doesn’t magically improve your profile, it can make it stand out, but that doesn’t mean you are any more likely to match with quality women or men.
  • The features might not be needed – Some of the extra features such as unlimited swipe or passport might not be useful if you swipe through Tinder for the same amount of time each day or don’t travel anywhere for example.

How Much Does Tinder Gold Cost? 

For people who are willing to pay for these premium features, Tinder gold costs you around £9 for a six-month usage per month and £3 if you buy the longer 12-month plan making it quite affordable. 

The last option is the per month membership which will set you back £7 making it ideal to try out before committing to six or twelve months.

How Does Tinder Gold & Tinder Plus Differ? 

If you’ve considered upgrading to Tinder Gold you might already be using Tinder plus, Tinder gold is a little more expensive since it has the feature of showing who’s liked you and allows you to match instantly without endless swiping, saving you time. 

So if you want to save time and have a lot of like, the Tinder gold upgrade could be worth forking out for. 

How To Upgrade Your Tinder Profile (For Free!) 

As we mentioned above, sure Tinder gold can give your profile a boost and make it stand out to other users, but it can’t help you match with more people, what can however is by upgrading your Tinder profile which you can do (for free) with our tips below. 

  • Add many photos – People like to see more than just one photo on someone’s Tinder profile before swiping right on them, this proves you a real person. 
  • Choose your best photo as your leading – Your leading photo is what will initially influence someone to swipe right or left, make sure your use attractive tinder photos that feature your face.
  • Make a good bio – A good bio can be a make or break for getting matched, try following the lead of funny tinder profiles with a joke and included all the important info for first impressions.
  • Connect to other accounts – Having a tinder account connected to your Spotify or Instagram shows people you are real and allows other users to learn more about you as a real human.

Frequently Asked Questions About Upgrading To Tinder Gold 

When are Tinder usage peaks for using the boost? 

Most people tend to use Tinder in the evening from around 7-10 pm, this is the perfect time to boost your profile and get seen more.

How much does Tinder Plus cost? 

Tinder plus is slightly cheaper than Tinder gold costing £2 a month for a year, it’s the better choice if you don’t care about seeing who’s liked you.

Should I use privacy features on my Tinder profile? 

Privacy features are great for keeping your location details in the dark, but many people like to see the age and location of someone to see whether or not they are a suitable match, doing this could shoot you in the foot.

Is unlimited swiping useful for getting a match?

Unlimited swiping will not guarantee you get a match but gives you more options, plus it doesn’t give you a 12-hour ban from using the app again.

Conclusion – Should I Buy Tinder Gold?

To conclude, Tinder gold might not be best for you if you will continue to use your Tinder profile normally after upgrading, for example, unlimited swipes are not useful if you will just swipe through your Tinder for the same amount of time. 

It is however favoured by the algorithm since you are using Tinder’s premium features which in turn could give you an extra boost and get more matches than a standard free profile would, so we would overall say that Tinder gold is worth it if your willing to pay to stand out.



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