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What Does the Blue Check on Tinder Mean? (And How to Get One)

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Tinder Blue Check: What It Means and How to Get One

Popular dating apps such as Tinder can, unfortunately, attract a lot of fake users and so-called ‘catfishers’ on the platform in an effort for people to score dates without using their real selfie pictures. 

The blue check on Tinder now solves this and acts as a verification badge proving that the account your talking to is a genuine user since they have been verified through comparing real images to their profile picture.

In our article below we’re going to discuss why Tinder having verified users is important, why you should get verified on Tinder, a few of the drawbacks and a step by step on how to do the verification process.

Why Is Tinder’s Blue Check Important? 

The blue checkmark on Tinder is one of its best features so far for protecting millions of users from fake profiles and fake accounts, saving a lot of heartache and time for people. 

By proving that your profile photo is your real photo through sending a series of selfies with different facial expressions to the Tinder team this makes you a real person. 

Catfishing is huge on dating apps and is a name for someone who is pretending to be someone else through stealing their pictures, this makes the other user invest time and assume they are messaging someone else, when in fact there not.

Why You Should Get Verified On Tinder 

Having a blue checkmark by your name on Tinder is the biggest indicator that you are a real person, without it, other verified users will likely skip over you or be sceptical about talking to someone who hasn’t had photo verification since you could be a fake.

Going through the selfie verification process makes your account stand out and you are more likely to be liked by others!

Are They Any Problems With Photo Verification?

The verification process Tinder has implemented has many benefits but there are some issues, for example, peoples appearances can change, so it’s not clear how long the verified badge stays on a user before expiring. 

It’s not clear if you have to redo the photo verification process after some time or when you change your appearance (as we mentioned above).

How To Get Verified On Tinder (Our Step By Step)

If you are looking to get that blue checkmark by your name on Tinder then you need to go through the verification process. 

Lucky for you we’ve listed a step by step guide below which will break down the process to make it easier for you.

  • Step one – Open up your Tinder app and select the profile image in the corner, by your name you will see a greyed out checkmark (meaning you haven’t been verified) select this then continue.
  • Step two – The verification process will now start and you will be shown a series of pictures showing model-like pictures with different expressions, mirror these photos yourself clicking next until finished. 
  • Step three – Now you have to wait, It will likely say that your photos are under review, you will then get a verification email which will say whether or not your photos are verified by the 
  • Tinder team. 
  • Step four – Once verified you can go back to your Tinder profile and you will see there is now a blue checkmark rather than a white checkmark meaning your profile has been verified!

Last Words 

To round up our guide, the Tinder blue checkmark next to profile usernames means that person has been through the verification process to show that they are a real person on Tinder, not a catfish or a fake profile. We would recommend verifying yourself since it will make you more appealing to other users on Tinder to show you are a real person.



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