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Why Hinge Limits Your Likes Per Day: Here’s What You Need to Know

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Hinge Like Limit: How Many Likes Can You Send Per Day and Why?

Like most popular dating apps, Hinge has a limit on the number of likes that you can send to someone, if you want to send more, you have to pay for unlimited likes. 

Currently, Hinge gives you 8 likes per day and this is refreshed at a 4 AM reset each day to give you a chance to match and like with new people again.

To help you understand how you can get more likes on hinge and why to Hinge limits like, plus how they are different to other dating apps, we’ve put all you need to know in an informational guide below. 

Why Does Hinge Limit Likes? 

Since Hinge aims to match up a couple, you might be wondering why Hinge limits your likes per eight per day, well, there are two main reasons. 

Hinge designs their app intending to be deleted, this means they want people to be serious about finding a match, eight likes are plenty of likes to be matched with someone, plus it encourages a protectiveness over likes rather than liking multiple people for no reason.

Why Is The Hinge Liking System Different? 

Hinge is a little more mindful over the liking system in comparison to Tinder or Bumble, they operate with a yes and no liking button system rather than a swiping system which makes you choose more slowly who you are like.

Swiping is argued to be more careless with more users on swipe dating apps regretting who they matched with and having careless conversations.

How Much Do Unlimited Likes Cost On Hinge?

If you find the eight likes too little on Hinge you can upgrade to their premium subscriptions (this is how Hinge makes money) then you will get unlimited likes. This costs £30 for a one-month subscription and gets reduced to £20 a month for a three-month subscription, we would suggest trying out the free version first before deciding if you need more likes.

Final Words 

To conclude, Hinge gives you eight likes per day to find your match, this encourages you to be selective over your choices and take the dating app more seriously. If you want to be able to have unlimited likes then you need to pay out for the premium subscription on Hinge.



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