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Best Hinge Prompt Answers For Girls In 2022

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Best hinge answers for girls

Our Guide To The Best Hinge Answers For Girls

The way you answer your hinge prompts on your dating profile is very important, even more than your photos, this is because it gives your potential match an insight into your personality before you even chat.

For girls, you must answer your hinge prompts authentically if you want to attract the right people and stand out from the crowd, don’t just choose any prompt, choose the ones which stand out to you and you can answer to yourself in the best light.

We’ve put together an extensive jam-packed guide below which will take you through exactly what hinge prompts are, why there are important, how to answer prompts in the best way, what hinge voice prompts are and some tips for having a good profile on hinge.

What Are Hinge Prompts?

When scrolling through a profile on hinge, instead of your usual boring profiles with your age, gender and occupation, hinge allows you to display specific prompts and answers on the app so that people can learn more about your personality.

These hinge questions are like interview-type questions, you can be quick and witty in your prompt answers and they are excellent conversation starters.

When setting up your dating profile on hinge you will be asked to select three hinge questions to display on the mobile dating app along with your prompt answers, do be warned there is a 150-character limit so be witty!

Why Are Hinge Prompts Important?

Bad hinge prompts and bad hinge answers can cause your perfect match to skip over your profile, which makes hinge prompts very important.

Hinge prompts also allow you to have exciting conversations about topics you like, giving you a dating advantage and an icebreaker.

Our Best Hinge Prompt Answers For Girls

Now we know more about hinge prompts and answers as well as why they are so important, we can move on to our list of the perfect hinge prompts and prompt answers which you can select for your profile to stand out.

The Perfect Prompts & Answers

“Dating me is like”

This hinge prompt could be answered in so many ways, whether you want to give witty answers or flirty answers, we’ve got some great examples below.

  • Dating me is like when you forget about daylight saving hours and you have another hour to sleep.
  • When you get into bed after a long day.
  • Hearing your favourite song at the bar then singing along.
  • Drinking pina Coladas and getting stuck in the rain.
  • That first sip of coffee in the morning.

“I get along best with people who”

What are you looking for in your real match, this prompt gives you a chance to find accurate matches and what you expect from them, filtering out the time wasters.

  • Anyone who gives a good back massage.
  • People who cook me amazing meals.
  • Flirt in different languages.
  • Don’t talk when eating.

“A random fact I love is”

Personal answers to this prompt allow you to show what your interests are and make a fun conversation starter.

  • Cats don’t meow at other cats, only at humans.
  • OMG is traced back to 1917.
  • Stop signs were once yellow.
  • You can be drinking too much water.

“A life goal of mine is”

Prompts like this are important to give honest answers to, they will make sure your having dates with people who align with you and your end goal, at the end of the day, you don’t want to waste time with a life partner who wants something different to you.

  • I want to climb mount Kilimanjaro on my honeymoon.
  • To travel to 7 different countries.
  • To build the house of my dreams.
  • To run a marathon.

“Don’t hate me if I”

This essentially means, stay away from me and don’t chat with me, because this is who I am, give those strong independent woman vibes!

  • If I take food from your plate.
  • Start crying during a movie.
  • Stroke random dogs all the time.
  • Take up the biggest closet space.

“I’m convinced that”

A great prompt to laugh about and show your personality, it’s also a popular prompt to put something controversial as a good conversation starter.

  • We are all just frequency.
  • Scientists are looking for another place to live.
  • Manifestation is real.
  • Dogs can understand language.

“A shower thought I recently had”

Personal prompts like this are perfect to reveal more about your personality and who you are.

  • Food cold is better.
  • Good coffee makes a good day.
  • We have limited numbers of days on earth but we live as we have forever.
  • The burgers are great.

“My biggest date failure was”

Great to attract some more funny conversations but also subtly reveal what your not looking for in a guy.

  • We ended up in the emergency room.
  • When he called me the wrong name.
  • I was so bored I fell asleep.
  • He walked out without paying.

“I will not shut up about”

A great prompt to show what you’re passionate about and what makes you tick, ensures you get quality match requests who are interested in what you are.

  • Christmas time.
  • Dogs and how cute they are.
  • My favourite X movie.
  • The things I love like good coffee.

“Green flags I look for are”

The easiest way is to make sure you are attracting what you want and what you expect in your suitable match.

  • If you are close to your parents.
  • How you treat the people who serve you.
  • The small things you do in a relationship.
  • If you text me good morning and goodnight.

“I take pride in”

A little way to give people a taster of who you are and what drives you gives a background as to what it took to make you who you are today.

  • Working on myself every day.
  • Driving the first car that I bought all myself.
  • Being independent,
  • Getting X grade at college.

The Best Ice Breaker Prompts & Answers

“I will introduce you to my family if”

A great way to ensure your getting the perfect match request and whoever your talking to is in it for the long run!

  • You let me meet your family first.
  • You drop me home after the first date.
  • I think we are compatible.
  • You have the same goals as me.

“I always fall for guys who”

These lay down your conditions for dating straight away, be like this or don’t bother kind of vibes.

  • Compliment my brains.
  • Understand when I’m not okay.
  • Do the little things to impress me.
  • Who is honest about everything.

“I am the kind of texter who”

This is a great prompt to lay out the rules about who you are in a dating scenario rather than what you’re looking for.

  • Don’t wait for hours to reply to texts.
  • Loves emojis.
  • Prefers calling.
  • Might fall asleep before they say goodnight.

“The way to win me over is”

Hint hint, could you make it any easier for your potential match?

  • If you treat my family like they are your own.
  • You are dating in hopes of marriage.
  • You are mature.
  • You don’t go on your phone all the time.

“I know I’ve found the right person if”

Set your dating goals from the beginning, no time wasters allowed.

  • I overshare because I feel comfortable.
  • They love animals as much as I do.
  • You are always interested in what I have to say.
  • I feel like I’ve known you for years.

The Clever Prompts & Answers

“Teach me something about”

  • How to be a good person in a relationship.
  • Politics.
  • How to have a good chat on Hinge.
  • How to have self-control when you’re in love.

“The craziest thing I’ve done is”

  • Running into my parents on a night out.
  • Having a fart then blaming it on something else.
  • Leaving my job for travelling.
  • Going on hinge!

“Two truths and a lie”

  • I’ve never watched a movie.
  • I still use old phones.
  • I live far away in a village.

“The must of a good relationship is”

  • How passionate and excited they are.
  • Being committed to each other.
  • If they remember the small things.
  • How deeply they are in love.

The Funny Enticing Prompts & Answers

“The award I should be nominated for is”

  • Turning up late to meetings.
  • Eating fast.
  • Missing gym.
  • Having the patience to find the right person.

“You should not go out with me if”

  • You are on lots of dating websites.
  • You cannot take a joke.
  • Your not looking for something serious.

“My ideal date from home is”

  • Doing something for the first time.
  • Watching a movie and popcorn.
  • Ordering each other’s favourite meal.
  • Talking about our goals.

“The key to my heart is”

  • A late-night talk.
  • Mutual understanding and compromising.
  • Making dinner when I’m tired.
  • Small things to make me happy.

What Are Hinge Voice Prompts?

As well as standard hinge prompts, there is also something called hinge voice prompts which is displayed on your profile. Hinge voice prompts is a recorded answers to a question which lasts up to 30 seconds.

This allows any user to hear your voice and get to know you, voice is a big indicator of attraction in people and is important for choosing a match.

Tips For A Better Profile On Hinge (As A Girl)

Now we have discussed the best hinge prompts and some answers to display on your profile we can move on to some tips to have a better profile as a girl on hinge and get the matches you want!

  • Use high-quality photos – High-resolution photos are important to show your face properly and who you are, avoid overly editing pictures, you want them to look like you.
  • Have at least one funny prompt – Funny prompts make your profile fun and are an icebreaker, keep your profile light and not too serious.
  • Keep responses unique – Avoid generic responses, this makes you sound like you’re not serious and playing games.
  • Don’t add too much info – Blurting out too much info on your hinge profile can make it boring and not attractive.
  • Check your deal breakers – If you’ve got some dealbreakers on your profile, evaluate them and make sure you’re not being petty or too specific.
  • Connect to instagram – By connecting your hinge profile to your Instagram this allows users to see you’re a real person.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hinge Answers For Girls

How do you write a good hinge answer?

Values, interests and hobbies all make a good hinge answer, having these qualities in your answers allows people to see what they have in common with you.

What is a good first message to say on hinge?

A great good message on hinge is to spot something in one of their photos and ask them about it or any questions you have in response to the details on their hinge profile.

How many matches on hinge are normal?

Some people can get 2-3 matches a day on hinge while others might get 3 matches a week, there is no average match number, you can always reset your matches with our guide here.

Should a girl text first on hinge?

There is no procedure as to who should message first on hinge, both men and women can make the first move, just be you!

What are big hinge mistakes?

Some big hinge mistakes as a woman are; Having bad profile pictures, expecting him to contact you first and overthinking the little things.

What hinge answers should male users give?

Good hinge answers for men should include some comedy and funny prompts but also what they are looking for in women to show they are part of hinge for serious dating reasons.

How long should people take to reply on hinge?

This depends, most people reply within 24 hours on hinge but some people can take up to three days.

What are some typical Sunday hinge answers?

As an answer to your Sunday hinge question, it could be pictures of your Sunday hobby or Sunday food.

Last Words

Overall, the best hinge answers for girls are based around perfect, funny, clever and ice breakers. Always be yourself when answering hinge prompts so you can attract the right kind of person for you.

Make use of the prompts on your profile page so that you can stand out to potential matches and attract people to your page.

If you’re looking to find out when the best time to boost on Hinge is, or if the boost is even worth it; follow this link.



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