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How to write a Hinge profile that stands out and gets you more dates?

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hinge profile tips / how to make a good hinge profile

How to use Super Likes on Tinder to get more matches: A guide for free and premium users

The concept behind Hinge is simple: you upload photos, answer questions, and tag yourself to connect with people nearby. But what makes Hinge different from other dating platforms like Tinder is that you don’t have to disclose personal information to anyone. You can remain anonymous while still getting matches.

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Top 7 tips on how to make a good hinge profiles

Hinge profiles are meant to be short and sweet. While some lengthy descriptions exist, most profiles are just one or two sentences long. This keeps everything concise and easy to read. However, you’ll want to add enough detail to make your profile stand out.

1. Photos

Attractive profile pictures are key to creating a good Hinge profile. They help convey your personality and tell others who you are. When uploading random activity photos, remember that you’re trying to portray a certain image. For example, if you work in finance, you probably won’t show up wearing a tuxedo. Instead, you’d choose something professional and polished.

2. Answer Questions To Your Advantage

When answering questions, think about what type of person you are and what you enjoy doing. Always answer positively; try it be one-word answers and cliche answers as well.  For instance, you could talk about your favorite recipes if you love cooking. Or maybe you enjoy traveling, so you might mention where you’ve been recent.

3. Prompt question

Your profile picture is one of the first things people see about you. And it makes a big impact on how others perceive you. So, what do you want your audience to think when they look at it? Now is a heartfelt time and intimate time if you haven’t already thought about it. You probably won’t even notice that you’ve added a prompt question to your photo until you look at someone else’s profile.

But adding a prompt question isn’t just good for making your profile stand out; it’s a great way of conversation nudges with your matches. When you add a prompt question, you’ll receive responses from people who might otherwise ignore you. This gives you a chance to show off your personality and interests without having to spend hours writing a long description.

So, here are three tips to help you find the best prompts to use when creating hinge profile:

  • Think outside the box – You know that you shouldn’t include too many keywords in your bio because it could hurt your chances of being found online. However, sometimes including a keyword in a prompt is exactly what you need. For example, if you love dogs, you could say, “I’m looking for someone who loves dogs.” Or maybe you like hiking, so you could ask, “What’s something fun you’d like to do?”
  • Choose wisely – Don’t limit yourself to the options on your list when picking prompts. Instead, try to come up with some prompts that aren’t included on your list. These can be anything from “If you had a pet dinosaur, what would it be called?” to “What’s your favorite type of ice cream?”
  • Be original – Don’t copy & paste the same prompt from another member’s cute hinge profile. Create a few different prompts for yourself and select the one that suits you best. Then, read over each prompt carefully before hitting the submit button. You may have to edit them later, but this will give you an idea of which ones resonate with you.
  • Keep it clean – While you should always be honest, avoid using profanity or vulgar language. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about food or politics – no one wants to hear that stuff!
  • Make it personal – Don’t forget to personalize your hinge profile questions by telling people more about yourself. Include details such as your hobbies, why you joined Match, etc. People appreciate hearing about themselves, so share information that shows you care about them.

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4. Focus on your story

Users have the option of selecting up to three different Hinge prompts to use when telling their narrative. There is a diverse selection of prompts available; however, it is important to select prompts that are engaging and provide prospects insight into who you are.

Authenticity is the single most important thing you can do. There are over 80 different ways to choose from when picking up natural conversation starters, so you might want to narrow down the options that give you an opportunity to showcase your best traits.

According to the findings of other studies, women show a preference for guys who have a strong sense of humor. Choose promotions that give you the opportunity to demonstrate your sense of humor. You should avoid including negative questions on your online dating profile, such as “worst first date,” because these might make your hinge profile look sketchy.

5. Don’t be all out

Even though online dating sites offer you the chance to discuss what you care about, you should avoid revealing too much personal data. You should have good conversation skills and keep your conversations short and sweet. Don’t let your political or religious beliefs get in the way of finding love. You may find that people who share similar interests aren’t interested in talking to you because they think you’ll be too opinionated.

Maintaining a low-key presence generates an intriguing women’s sense among fellow users so that they will want to engage with you after reviewing your hinge profile. As was previously said, the character count restriction for each response to a question is 150, so select prompts that show aspects of your personality, hobbies, and interests.

6. Mention his/her in your hinge profile as well

When creating a generic profile, your primary purpose should be to advertise yourself in the most enticing way possible to potential matches. Up to this point, we have spoken about the possibility of adding prompts as an irreverent and quirky method to provide insight into what it is about you that sets you apart from others.

On the other side, urges may also be used in an even sexier way. You should focus at most 70% of your hinge profile on yourself, while the remaining 30% should be dedicated to her.

If you want to attract someone who shares similar values, you need to write an engaging message showing them why you’re perfect for each other. Your messages should be positive and upbeat, and you should use the right words when responding to the prompts.

To provide one example, you shouldn’t talk about the qualities that you don’t desire in a lady since doing so might make you appear, at best, demanding and, at worst, judgemental. It would help if you also steer clear of any prompts that urge you to detail any prior healthy relationships that may have left you with unresolved feelings of resentment towards the other person.

Choose questions that reflect the qualities in your partner and the long-term relationship you are looking for, as well as the things you want to get out of having one. Instead of concentrating on the physical characteristics of your ideal spouse, please list the interests or pastimes you would like to have with them and explain them in a way that shows they are emotionally sophisticated.

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7. Always add captions

It’s important to make the most of any chance you get to provide a little bit more information about who you are, so make the most of every opportunity. You are granted additional room to express yourself because Hinge enables you to add suggestions or captions to your high-quality images. This is especially helpful in situations where further information is required.

Even though adding these descriptions to your high-resolution images is completely voluntary, you should do it to demonstrate that you have made more of an extra effort than the ordinary Hinge user. Your description should be used to explain the atmosphere or sensation conveyed by the picture, and it is OK to mention the place where the photo was shot (though there is a separate option for that). There is a large variety of suggestions available for selection.

If you want others to recognize your profile photos, you should use descriptive captions rather than generic ones. For example, if you’re taking pictures of yourself at the ocean, don’t describe them as “at the ocean.” Instead, write something like “on the coast,” “by the sea,” etc.

When you make your profile using our tips, you should give a chance on hinge boost. It will quickly circulate your profile in the hinge algorithm and help you get more dates.




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