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How to Write a Funny Hinge Opener That Will Get a Response

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Best hinge answers for girls

How to Write a Killer Hinge Opener That Will Make Her Smile

Hinge can be a great way to meet potential romantic partners, but sometimes starting a conversation can be the hardest part, so how do you break the ice and have a good hinge opener?

We’ve put together a great guide below which will take you through why hinge openers matter, some examples of good hinge openers and some tips on how to keep hinge conversations going. 

Why Do Hinge Openers Matter? 

Before we get into our best hinge conversation openers let’s start with why hinge openers are so important for a conversation. 

Hinge openers are important conversation starters since they determine how the rest of your conversation will flow and if you will even get a reply at all! In general, fun, open-ended questions are the best as a simple conversation starter.

Our List Of The Top Hinge Openers

If you’re stuck for ideas on how to approach someone on hinge, we’ve got some of our best hinge openers below for a rich conversation which could lead you to find a potential match!

“Two lies one truth, ready set go!”

This effective conversation starter has been voted number as the best hinge starter for a good conversation. It allows you to have a more natural deeper conversation than classical questions and who knows, you might be in for a surprise!

“Which is the best discovery, Netflix or avocados?”

A light-hearted fantastic conversation starter, this opener is a no-fail type of question, even if they don’t like avocados, you can then lead the convo on to favourite breakfasts or favourite movies for example.

“Sunday plans, exercise, mimosas or sleep?”

Even better when sent on a Sunday, this opener is a great way to get to know who you’re talking to and have a conversation with.

“I know we just met but I do have to admit, you have great taste in (insert gender)”

An ideal opener if you want to appear confident and cheeky, be careful though, this question can appear overly cocky depending on the type of person your talking to, it’s a risky opener.

“Random question, which mythical creature do you wish existed?”

This profile question can filter out anyone who isn’t into fantasy movies or books and is a great way to know what the person you are talking to is interested in, who knows, you both might love the same book or film.

“So what is your secret talent, everyone has one right?”

Everyone loves to talk about themselves, this opener makes an easygoing conversation, it’s not too sensitive and can lead to a very empathetic conversation in some cases.

“What’s the worst opening line you have had on hinge?”

A good way to have a laugh and know what your partner isn’t into right at the beginning of your conversation. Many hinge opener screenshots have gone viral as to how bad they can be sometimes.

“What is the best part of your week?”

This is a very simple conversation starter but gives a big insight into your partner’s attitude and how they are viewing life. A long detailed answer to these questions can also lead to a rich and deep conversation. 

“Good morning, what’s your most played song on Spotify?”

Music taste and someone’s favourite song can reveal a lot about a person and if you will be compatible, you can then share the playlist and have even better conversations, just make sure to follow up after this opener.

“Would you rather..”

A light-hearted and fun opener where you can create two openers of your choice to entertain the other person and learn more about them.

“If you’re having a portrait painted, what’s your backdrop?”

This can show a lot about where someone’s favourite place is or where they would like to travel to, a huge bonus point if you have also been to that place!

“Taylor Swift or Ariana grande?”

If you’re not keen on Taylor or Ariana then could simply replace this with two celebrity names of your choice, it’s a good way to see if your partner has something in common with you early on.

“Breakfast of choice, pancakes, sleep or waffles?”

A conversation about food is a good light-hearted way to get to know your partner you are talking to, it also gives you an idea of their personality in the morning.

“Choose: a treehouse to live in or you can talk to animals”

Funny conversation starters like this can reveal if your match is an animal lover or if they are adventurous, from this you can then talk about favourite animals or adventures they would like to go on.

“Are you one of those people who clap when the plane lands?”

A great awkward third-party topic to laugh and talk about, but not so good if they are one of the people who clap though.

“Free this week?”

Very confident and forward, this opener can pay off or might backfire depending on who you are talking to.

“What is a better adventure, rock climbing or diving?”

This is a good opener to ask if you want someone adventurous, either activity is fun and could be a good way to plan a potential date. 

“Pineapple on pizza, yes or no?”

This can be a deal breaker, so ask with caution if you’re not willing to let this one pass on your pizza order.

“One condiment forever, what would it be?”

Start by talking about their favourite foods then move on to this, you can then ask why and their least favourite, just make sure to move away from the food subject at some point. 

“Ever ghosted anyone?”

Even if someone replies ‘yes’ to this, it is still a reply, if they get bored, they might even vent at you.

“Do you believe everything happens for a reason?”

An often accepted and loved opener, if they reply yes or no, poke more to see why they say this.

“What’s the craziest thing you have ever done?”

This shows the wild side of the personality you are talking to and allows the conversation to flow into past goals and what adventures you might be looking forward to.

“What would be your ideal date?”

By opening with this you can figure out who you are dating from the get-go and their expectations as well as set your own.

How Do You Know When To Let A Hinge Conversation Die?

You might start a hinge conversation off strong with a good opener, but sometimes, it’s a good idea to let a hinge conversation die rather than trying to save a dry convo

We recommend watching out for the following signs to know when it’s time to say goodbye. 

  • Questions – Is your match asking questions? Are they responding to yours in detail or are they giving one-word answers? If your match isn’t asking anything about you then this might mean they are not interested in you so take the hint!
  • Replies – One-word replies show that someone likely doesn’t want to talk to you, ideally you should be looking for detailed responses which have taken thought and time to write. Beware of copy and pasters!
  • Engagement – Now it’s time to look at you, are your openers or questions during the convo engaging? Sometimes you can be shooting yourself in the foot without knowing and causing the convo to go dry.
  • Chat history – Look back at your chat, was it interesting at one point, or is there a certain subject that your match seems interested in and they could continue to talk about? Bring it back subtly to see if it can re-spark the convo.

Tips On How To Keep Hinge Conversations Going 

Apart from having a good hinge opener to keep a conversation alive and set the tone, you also need to be able to keep the momentum going in a conversation to keep someone interested.

  • Talk about what you have in common – Figuring out what you and your partner have in common is key, this way you can keep the conversation flowing about things you both like.
  • Make it about them – Everyone loves to talk about themselves, so dig further, and ask questions about their talents, where they grew up or passions and interests.
  • Use emojis – Emojis are pretty underrated and can add a lot of expressions into otherwise plain conversations, you don’t have to go all out with the emojis, but they are a good way to show how you feel. 
  • Ask open-ended questions – Open ended questions allow you to avoid letting a conversation run dry, by asking the person you are talking to a question you can invite them to lead the conversation and even ask a question back.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hinge Openers 

What is the worst way to start a conversation on hinge?

One of the worst ways to start a conversation on hinge is by saying hi or hello, this is boring and likely will not get a response. Be creative!

How do I respond to a like-on hinge? 

After getting a like on hinge you can choose to match and move the conversation forward, this could be by asking a question or responding to one of the photos on their profile.

If you reckon you’ve reached a limit on likes when using hinge, see our guide here.

What is the trick to hinge?

The best way to win on hinge is by having a good profile photo, making the first move, dating more and make a strong profile bio with a good story section.

What is the success rate on hinge?

Hinge has a 90% success rate at finding a match and around 70% end up going on a second date!

What are some good hinge openers about dogs?

Some great dog-related openers are ‘I see some pet-tential here” or ‘as soon as I saw those puppy eyes I knew I had to swipe right’.

What are some sarcastic hinge openers?

Some great sarcastic hinge openers could be “You look like someone who hates dating” or ” did you know those hinge openers are meant to make or break a conversation?”.

Should I use emojis on hinge? 

Yes, emojis are good to use in hinge, they create a more engaging conversation and allow expression of emotion. 

How long should I wait for a reply on hinge?

Most people reply within 24 hours on hinge, we would suggest waiting up to 48 hours, however.

Last Words

Overall, hinge openers are very important in a conversation since they can determine the quality of the chat you are going to have and even if you are going to get a reply!

Always be authentic when chatting on hinge and try to show yourself in the best light, be funny and light-hearted when first messaging someone to set the tone for the rest of your conversation, for tips on how to reply to hinge prompts check here.

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