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Best Hinge Openers – Funny Conversation Starters

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Best Hinge Openers – Funny Conversation Starters & Tips To Write One By Yourself

When meeting someone online on the hinge, there are many things to consider, like what to wear, where to meet, how to start a conversation, etc. But one thing that often gets overlooked is the most important part of a successful first date: the icebreaker.

An icebreaker is a question that helps break the ice and allows both parties to get comfortable enough to talk without feeling awkward. In fact, according to research done by Match, 90% of people agree that the best way to make a good impression during a first date is to ask a great opening question.

Whether it’s a one-night stand, a casual fling or a serious relationship, having a good first-time meeting is key to creating a lasting bond. Here are some fun questions to ask someone you just met.

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List of 32 Best Hinge Openers

We have shared our best hinge conversation starters;

1. “What do you think of my outfit?”

This is a classic icebreaker because it’s fun, lighthearted, and easy to answer. This question works well for men and women alike. Try asking about their style if you want something a little more specific.

2. “I’m really into music.”

If you like listening to certain types of music, ask about it. You could ask what type of music they listen to or if they know any bands. Or tell them you love listening to them. 

3. “Do you have any hobbies?”

This question can be a great starting point if you’re looking for something more in-depth. Ask about their interests, whether sports, art, cooking or anything else.

4. “Have you ever been on a blind date before?”

If you’ve never been on a first date before, this is a great question to help you learn from your mistakes. It also allows you to practice your dating skills.

5. “Where did you grow up?”

Growing up is a big topic and a sweet conversation starter, so don’t feel limited to only one question. Try asking about their hometown, high school, college, family, friends, etc.

6. “How long have you lived in this city?”

You might not realize it, but knowing how long someone has lived somewhere can give you insight into who they are as an outdoors person. For example, if they moved to a new place recently, they may be trying to figure out what it’s like to live somewhere new.

7. “What was your last job?”

It’s always interesting to hear about other people’s careers. Find out what kind of work they did, what they liked about it, and what they didn’t like.

8. “What’s your favorite movie?”

Everyone loves movies! This simple question will allow you to bond over a shared interest. Pick a few favorites, and see which ones they pick too.

9. “What’s your biggest fear?”

It’s hard to imagine anyone being afraid of much, but we all have fears. By learning about theirs, you’ll gain some insight into their personality.

10. “What’s your dream vacation?”

This question is similar to asking about their favorite movie and is a simple conversation starter. Instead of picking a single film, though, you can choose multiple films. The possibilities are endless with this question.

11. “What’s your guilty pleasure?”

Guilty pleasures are things that we enjoy despite knowing better. It is also one of the unique pick-up lines. Everyone has at least one thing that makes them smile when no one is around. Share yours!

12. “What’s your most embarrassing moment?”

We’ve all had embarrassing moments, but hearing others’ stories can teach us much about ourselves. What made them happen? How did they affect them?

13. “Who would play you in the movie version of your life?”

We’ve all got roles in our lives that we’d love to play. Who would you want to play you? Maybe it’s a celebrity; maybe it’s a fictional character – find out by asking them!

14. “What’s your best quality?”

Everyone has qualities that set them apart, and asking about them is the golden conversation starter. Learning about their best qualities helps you get to know them deeper.

15. “What’s your worst quality?”

Just like with best qualities, everyone has flaws. Knowing about these flaws can make you appreciate them even more.

16. “What do you think is the meaning of life?”

The meaning of life is a huge topic, so don’t feel pressured to answer immediately. Take your time thinking about it, and then share your thoughts with them.

17. “Do you believe in destiny?”

Destiny is something that many people strive for. If they do, ask them why. You could learn a lot about them by finding out what they think about fate.

18. “What’s your motto or philosophy?”

Mottos and philosophies are easy ways to describe what someone believes in. Find their motto, and try to incorporate those beliefs into your life.

19. “If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you take with you?”

Think about everything you’d need to survive on an isolated island. Would you bring food? Water? A flashlight? Bring all three, and you’ll be prepared for anything.

20. “If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you attempt to do?”

Everyone wants to succeed, but not everyone knows how to do it. Ask them what they would attempt if they knew they wouldn’t fail.

21. “What’s your favorite quote?”

Quotes are a great arsenal of conversation starters because they’re short and sweet. They also give you a chance to show off your knowledge of literature.

22. “What’s your greatest regret?”

Everyone has regrets, and sometimes we wish we could change the past. It might help to hear about theirs and what they learned from them.

23. “How do you relax?”

Relaxation is important, especially as we age. We should always be trying to unwind after a long day. Find out how they relax, and see if there’s any advice you can use.

24. “What’s your biggest fear?”

Fear is a normal part of life. But some fears can hold us back from living our dreams. Find out what scares them, and see if there is anything you can do to help.

25. “What’s your idea of perfect happiness?”

Happiness isn’t just having fun all the time. Perfect happiness involves being able to live life without stress. Find out what they think will bring them true joy.

26. “What do you do on Sunday? Agressive napping or laundry!”

It is a fantastic conversation starter. Sunday is often spent relaxing. Some people prefer to sleep while others enjoy cleaning the house. Either way, find out what they do on Sundays.

27. “If you had one last meal, what would it be?”

We all have different tastes when it comes to food. Find out what their ideal last meal would be.

28. “Who was your childhood hero?”

A childhood hero is someone who inspired you growing up. They may have been a teacher, coach, parent, sibling, etc. Find out what made them special.

29. “What’s your most treasured possession?”

Possessions are nice, but nothing compares to the things we collect over time. That’s why starting it off can be an effective conversation starter. Find out what makes them unique, and see if there are any tips you can follow.

30. “What’s your dream car?”

Dream cars are usually expensive, flashy, and fast. Find out what kind of vehicle they want, and see if there’s anything you can do to make their dream come true.

31. “What’s your best quality?”

Everyone has qualities that set them apart from other people. Find out their best quality, and see if there’s anything you can do to improve upon it.

32. “What’s your worst habit?”

Everyone has bad habits. Find out their worst habit, and see if you can avoid making the same mistake.

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What makes a hinge opener the best?

You can also come up with an amazing hinge start by yourself. All you have to do is to think and keep these 10 points in your mind.

1) The questions you do (whether open-ended questions or random questions) are interesting and fun

2) You get to know more about what type of person your date is.

3) You learn something new

4) You don’t feel like you’re being interrogated

5) You get to practice asking the good type of question

6) You get to meet new people

7) You get to share your opinions

8) You get to talk about yourself

9) You get to ask questions that you’ve never asked before

10) You get to practice listening

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