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The Best Time to Boost Your Hinge Profile for More Matches

If your running dry on matches when using Hinge or you want to get more likes when using the app, you might be tempted to turn hinge boost on and pay for this premium service.

Hinge boost is a paid service which essentially makes your profile the most popular one in the area for a whole hour, this increases your visibility and therefore likes.

We’ve composed an informational guide below which will discuss more what hinge boost is, the difference between hinge boost and super boost, the best time to do it and more.

What Is Hinge Boost? 

To begin our guide, let’s start with what is in Hinge boost and how it can help your profile boost to score more matches. 

Hinge boost, as we mentioned above, makes your profile more visible to others which can result in more matches and likes to your profile.

Once you purchase a hinge boost, this will then put a lightning boost next to your profile and you will see how many likes you have received during this hour.

There will be a time counter saying how long you have left on your hinge boost.

How Much Does Hinge Boost Cost? 

Now we know what exactly the hinge boost button does, let’s talk about how much this boost feature costs on the app. 

A hinge boost costs around $10, you can get a discount however to $8.99 if you buy three boost options at once. Hinge superboosts on the other hand cost nearly $20 for one, we will get on to what Hinge superboosts are next. 

What Is The Difference Between Hinge Boost & Super Boost?

If you’ve considered buying and using the hinge boost button, then you have probably considered using the hinge superboost too, but what’s the difference between the two?

Hinge superboost is the same as the regular boost except the difference is the time that the boost lasts. Superboost allows your hinge to stay boosted for a full day. 

Do note that you cannot turn Hinge superboost on and off, it will run for 24 hours consecutively, the only problem with this is that it will be boosting your profile during times which are not busy, so you essentially might be paying for nothing.

What’s The Best Time To Do A Hinge Boost?

On the subject of time, what is the best time to perform a hinge boost which will score you the most likes and even potential matches? 

Well, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings tend to be the best time to give your profile a boost on hinge since these are known as the busiest times on the app.

Most of the time, this is because users have more free time in the evenings and therefore spend more time swiping and looking for potential hookups or matches.

Is Hinge Boost Worth It? 

Although hinge boost can indeed get you more swipes and likes on the app, its main goal is to boost your visibility, views on Hinge do not always equal likes, so bare in mind that it might not always work. 

Overall, we don’t think a hinge boost is worth the money, you can always just make sure you’re active on the app during peak hours instead. That being said, hinge boost is defiantly more worth it than hinge superboost, which is more expensive and boost your profile the whole day. 

To get the same results as superboost, simply find the most active times during the day on hinge and boost your profile regularly during these peak hours.

Tips For Boosting Yourself On Hinge Without The Price

If you would rather save your money, but still improve the likes and responses you are getting to the app, we suggest following these manual tips below to help boost your profile and grow more popular.

  • Get your friends to review your profile – Friends and family can be the best honest critics of your hinge profile, show them and ask them what you could be improving on to help your profile stand out and get more likes.
  • Use the prompts – Funny interesting prompts can 100% boost your profile and get more likes, check out some of our best hinge prompts here.
  • Add photos – If it’s been a while since you updated your photos on your Hinge we suggest adding some new high-quality photos to help give your profile a makeover, poor quality photos might be the reason you are not getting matches. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Boosting Yourself On Hinge 

When are men/women most active on Hinge?

Women and men both have similar activity times on Hinge, women tend to be on the weekend evenings around 6pm-10pm while for men it is the same, but they tend to be less active than women, especially during the midweek.

What is Hinge preferred membership?

Hinge preferred membership is a monthly subscription you can buy on the app which gives you extra filters, unlimited likes and access to roses and boosts, this is priced at $30 a month.

How does Hinge know your attractiveness?

Hinge can work out your attractiveness score by the number of likes you get on the app, they then show you, similar people, with the same amount of likes since you have a better chance of matching.

How many hinge likes a day is normal?

The amount of hinge likes per day is around 8, however, this can change according to individuals and your locations, for some people 2-3 likes a day is normal.

What days is hinge the most popular?

Hinge is most popular on Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday evenings.

What is the average age on Hinge?

The average user age on Hinge is between 24-32 years.

Can people tell if you have boosted yourself on hinge?

People will not be able to tell if you have boosted yourself on Hinge, this is private.

Last Words

Overall, the best time to do a regular boost on Hinge is between the hours of 6pm to 10pm on the weekends, this is because it’s when people are most active and out of work. 

A hinge boost isn’t always worth it since it guarantees more profile views, but not always likes and matches, the same goes for a superboost. It therefore might be more beneficial to update your profile instead and interact on the app during popular hours rather than waste money.

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