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How to Use Hinge Prompts to Get More Matches: The Funniest Answers

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best hinge prompts for guys / funniest hinge answers

The Best Hinge Prompts for Guys to Get More Matches: Funny and Creative Answers!

Hinge was the first dating app that used dating strategies like prompts; this distinction goes to Facebook, which came out after Hinge.

As part of the signup flow, new male or female users are asked “Dates” questions. These questions are designed to be insightful and concise, eliminating the stress associated with the daunting prospect of creating an impressive profile from the start.

Customers have unanimously chosen Hinge as the best dating app out here. Unlike most other dating applications, Hinge isn’t meant to become addictive to its users. Instead, the app’s approach is conveyed by its slogan, “Made to Be Discarded.” What makes this dating app profile different than others?

The app’s main advantage is that it allows people to meet new potential dates without the hassle of searching for online dating styles. However, there are several additional benefits provided by the app.

Customers value the app’s ability to encourage them to contribute actual content to their profiles. They also enjoy the “Your Turn” feature, which gently nags them into replying to conversations that have been sitting idle for a while. The company claims that using its features has led to a 25 percent drop in ghosting. Certainly, it can’t harm that Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg has told crowds at campaign events that he found his future spouse on Hinge.

If you’re not already using the app, here are some additional reasons you should start now. The app lets you like other people’s photos. The Hinge allows users to like other user base photos and many more.

In this blog post, we will discuss the best Hinge prompts for guys that will increase the match rate and fasten the process of getting a romantic partner.

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The benefits of using Hinge for guys

Hinge is one of several companies trying to make the dating app – hinge easier for people with busy lives. Its goal is to encourage complete your dating profile rather than just throwing up some basic information about yourself. This way, you’ll stand out among the crowd better. And since you’re forced to answer three questions, you might write something meaningful and interesting.

But there are downsides to having prompt answers. For example, if you don’t like the prompt question, you won’t want to use anything is nothing worse than being forced to talk about yourself w don’t want to. So what happens if you don’t like any of the prompts? Well, you’ll likely ignore everything if you’re anything like me. You know, because you don’t care enough to bother answering the open-ended questions.

So how does Hinge solve this problem? By giving you options. Instead of saying, “What’s your favorite color?” or “Where did you go to school,” Hinge gives you multiple choices. Your best friend could ask you for her favorite color, while your mom could ask you where she went to college. Or maybe you’d prefer to tell a funny story about a time you got drunk and accidentally stole someone’s wallet or a random travel story. Whatever you choose, you’ll still get dating prompts later.

List of top 10 hinge prompts for guys.

Create Your Dating App like Hinge by Excellent WebWorld on Dribbble

Hinge is one of those dating options apps where people swipe left or right based on how well they think the type of person might be a potential match. As it turns out, there are some things about yourself that you don’t want someone else to know. Here are the best prompts for guys to use on Hinge.

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1. “I’m really good at…”

This is a great way to show off something you’re proud of. For example, I’m good at making friends. This could be a pretty effective prompt if you’re looking for a friend. It is the perfect question to expect her answers to be funny.

2. “My favorite thing to do is…”

If you’re looking for a date, this is a great way to let someone know what you love doing. You can even ask questions here, too. For example, “What’s your favorite movie?”

3. “The worst thing about me is…”

This works especially well if someone has hurt you. You can tell someone exactly why you’re upset and what happened. I kid you not; it will get you some quality matches.

4. “What’s something about me you love?”

If you’ve dated someone boring, this is a great prompt to help you find someone who isn’t so dull. You will surely get answers for inspiration.

5. “What’d you learn from my profile?”

You can use this as an icebreaker, but it’s also a great way to see what someone thinks of you. You can get her replies and profile answers. If you’re interested in someone, you can ask them directly.

6. “What’re some fun facts about me?”

You can use this to show off your personality. It’s not always easy to come up with fun facts about yourself, but if you have some, share them!

7. “Who would you most like to meet?”

This is a great question to ask someone you’re interested in. You can ask them straight-up, “Do you want to hang out sometime?” But you can also ask them indirectly who they’d like to meet.

8. “What’ve been your biggest regrets?”

This is another great question to ask someone interested in you. You can use this to determine whether they’re worth getting to know more deeply.

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Thing to avoid

Hinge adds voice notes and voice prompts to dating profiles - The Verge

When you’re trying to meet someone special online, there are three things you want to avoid doing. First, you don’t want to come across as desperate. Second, you don’t want people thinking you’re full of yourself. And thirdly, you don’t want anyone thinking you’re a jerk. If you do any of those things, you’ll never find love.

But how do you know whether something is too much, too little, or just right? Well, we’ve got some travel tips to help you out.

1. Don’t Be Too Desperate

Being desperate might be good because you’re willing to go far out of your way to make a connection. But, in reality, desperation doesn’t usually lead to success or a success story. There’s nothing wrong with expressing interest in others, but you shouldn’t let desperation cloud your judgment.

2. Don’t Come Off As Full Of Yourself

If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will either. You have to believe in yourself if you want to succeed in life. So, don’t try to impress others by exaggerating your achievements. Instead, focus on building up your confidence.

3. Don’t Be A Jerk

It may seem like a good idea to put down other people when you feel threatened. After all, isn’t that how bullies work? Unfortunately, putting down others won’t solve anything. It only makes matters worse.

Instead, please take a deep breath and remember that everyone has their problems. Focus on helping others instead of focusing on yourself.

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