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How to Get Tinder Top Picks and Stand Out From the Crowd

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The Ultimate Guide to Tinder Top Picks: How to Get Featured, Improve Your Matches, and Find Love

Since Tinder first entered the market in 2012, the dating application has been continuously changing its functionality to improve the user experience and ensure continued use by users.

Tinder’s top pick feature is just one example of how the company has been working to improve the overall quality of user experience while interacting with its mobile application.

If you are new to online dating, it is possible that, at first, it may feel difficult. However, after you learn how to make dating apps work for you, you will begin to obtain more matches, which will lead to more dates.

If you have trouble receiving matches, it could not just be due to your images but also because of the algorithm! Please look at our most recent offering, which provides a rundown of everything you want to obtain a TOP account quickly.

The objective of Tinder is to get the best possible swipes on Tinder to locate your ideal partner. You can at least find other Tinder users that you find beautiful, even if this does not necessarily indicate that you will become lifelong soul mates.

What is the actual function of Tinder’s top pick?

So, what are some of Tinder’s best matches? Tinder’s selections function debuted in 2018 and are designed to introduce you to other app users who the company believes would make the ideal partner for you.

According to Tinder, every user gets one top pick per 24 hours, but only Tinder premium users (Tinder silver and Tinder bronze) can see the entire list of daily top picks. If you’re not a Tinder premium user, you won’t see the full list of daily top picks, so you won’t be able to take advantage of their potential benefits.

Because there are so many possible quality matches, paying for the premium user experience may be beneficial to get a competitive edge over those who use the free version.

How does Tinder’s top pick function?

It’s easy to navigate and use Top Picks: You need to press on the icon that looks like a golden diamond in the menu bar, then tap on “10 Top Picks.” After that, you may browse through the profiles that have been selected for you.

The following are the four most important things you should know regarding Tinder Top Picks feature:

1. Free users can only engage with one of their top 10 selections. Tinder Gold or Platinum membership is required to access all of these features.

2. The Top Picks feature is complementary to the Passport feature. Your daily recommendations will consider the location you are presently swiping in.

3. The selection is updated once every twenty-four hours. If you aren’t already doing so, this is a fantastic incentive to log in daily.

4. Premium Tinder customers in some areas can purchase extra Top Picks in bulk amounts of ten, twenty, or thirty. These additional Top Picks are subject to the same time limit as the others.

Unlike other dating apps, they won’t remain on your Tinder profile even if you haven’t looked at them. Prices vary by location.

Moreover, being a Tinder top pick, you get a lot of super likes. In case, if you are still unaware of Tinder super likes, you can read our article about it.

3 steps to being a top pick on Tinder

Tinder’s algorithm may help you avoid wasting time by showing you potential matches most likely interested in you, but your profile still needs to persuade them to like you.

You also want to improve your odds of being someone else’s top pick by ensuring your profile has an awesome photo and killer headline.

There are three ways to use Tinder that can improve your odds of attracting all of your top Tinder picks and increasing your chances of becoming one of them yourself:

1. Use high-quality photos only

You’re looking for someone to date who you consider beautiful. They want to find you appealing just as much as you do. Selecting a profile picture that does a good job of showcasing your most attractive qualities is essential.

Tinder gives you control over which of your photos will be displayed first, so select the one that showcases you in the greatest light. However, the other photographs that you have included are significant as well.

To get a photo that turns out well, you must carefully consider every aspect, from the lighting to the backdrop. You want to ensure that your features are not obscured and that nothing is distracting in the background. There are no restrooms, and there are no mountains of dirty clothes!

Use features on your phone, such as the timer, to take a good selfie while avoiding the awkward angle characteristic of most selfies.

However, avoid going to extremes with photo editing tools. People will question what you are attempting to hide if they see that your image has been substantially filtered because it will be evident to them.

2. Write the perfect and compelling bio

It is in everyone’s best interest to provide the Tinder algorithm and its users with the maximum amount of information feasible to work with.

Tell me about yourself, your interests, and any other distinguishing features you might have. Keep in mind that you want to differentiate yourself from the other users so that she does not swipe left on you and that the more information you offer, the greater the likelihood you will find a suitable partner.

One way the algorithm that suggests your matches on Tinder tries to match you up with someone compatible with you is by considering the types of things you’re interested in. It considers the categories of interest listed in your personal profiles.

So, according to the top pick profiles, you’re most likely to be sporty (or something similar) if you enjoy playing sport(s).

Moreover, I recommend you to read our articles to find the perfect example of funny and compelling tinder bios for girls and boys.

3. Enable Tinder’s smart photo feature

Getting feedback on your photo selection is essential. Whether you do so by enabling the Smart Photos feature on Tinder or using a site such as PhotoFeeler to gather opinions doesn’t matter.

This is because it is just not feasible for you to judge your own photographs in the same manner that a complete stranger would.

You’re so familiar with your physical features that your brain automatically glosses over details that someone else would immediately notice.

You know there is a saying that the devil is in the details.

You want to pick the pictures that other people think are the most appealing, and the only way to achieve so is to get their feedback on the various options. Time and effort to acquire the most appealing photo lineup possible is time and work well spent.

Is it worth buying Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum to be a top pick?

To be honest? Maybe. If Tinder users use the services currently accessible to them for no additional cost, they have a good probability of finding compatible matches.

Consider all the additional benefits and features that will be accessible before deciding whether or not you want to pay for them. For example, you can see who has liked your profile and is featured on the top selections page.

You don’t necessarily have to be a Tinder gold or Tinder platinum or Tinder plus level user to appear as one of the top selections on the user profiles of others. However, even if you’re not planning to pay for the service, it’s still important to take advantage of all the strategies provided here to maximize the chances that your account will be selected as a top choice.

If you are still unsure what steps to take, one option is to download the free version of the Tinder dating app and test it out. Experiment with different ways to optimize each part of your profile, and pay attention to the changes.

If you’ve already tried changing up your photos and tweaking your bio, and you’re still not seeing any results, then it might be time to join the elite group of Tinder “top picks” who get access to the other premium features.

I hope that the Top selections are becoming more evident to you. I am still really fond of it! Please let me know what you think about the top selection option and how many females you have matched with by utilizing that function.

Moreover, if you are a boy and want to improve your results without buying either of Tinder’s subscriptions, then you should read our article about the best tinder tips for guys.



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