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Make Your Bumble Profile Stand Out with These Funny Prompt Answers

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funny bumble prompt answers / best bumble prompt answers

Make Your Bumble Profile Stand Out with These Funny Prompt Answers

If you are looking to keep people interested in your Bumble profile or maybe score more matches, it’s a good idea to invest some time into your bumble prompt answers and make sure they are funny.

Funny bumble prompt answers show your dating goals and your personality, giving users an insight into the real you.

To help you out with the best Bumble prompt answers, we’ve listed some ideas below in our guide to help you out.

What Are Bumble Prompts?

Before we get into our funny bumble prompts, let’s discuss more what Bumble prompts are, how to use them and why they are so important.

Bumble prompts are similar to other prompts on dating websites like prompts on hinge (you can read our hinge guide here), they allow you to select a few bumble questions and write your prompt responses which will appear on your profile.

By doing this, you can show off your wit or personality to potential matches, they are also great conversation starters. You’re allowed to add up to three of these to your dating profile.

Our Favourite Funny Bumble Prompts For Guys

A great way to draw quality matches to your dating profile as a guy is by using funny prompts with funny answers, these allow you to find compatible women with the same sense of humour.

We’ve listed some of favourite funny Bumble prompts for guys below to give you some inspo.

“My zombie apocalypse plan is”

Watching a horror movie? Ever wonder what you would do if it came true? Tell your matches and see if they would be interested in your escape plan, this also makes a great conversation starter.

  • Surround my house with treadmills.
  • Ask them nicely to leave.
  • Invite them in for dinner.

“If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?”

This question is funny but also a great way to see if your potential partners have the same interest in food as you.

  • French fries, you can never go wrong with french fries!
  • Sushi! Go out with a healthy meal!
  • Bacon flavoured chocolate ice cream.

“Swipe right if”

Why not weed out anyone who’s not the ideal partner straight away, saves you both time, right?

  • You are free on Friday.
  • You don’t need me to kill spiders for you.
  • You can open jars.

“The best first date would be”

A great question and prompt responses to find the ideal partner, plus it sets the expectations from the get-go.

  • A drive-in movie with lots of popcorn.
  • Going for a picnic with all our favourite food.
  • A card game.
  • Walking the dogs.

“Here is what I would bring if we were stranded on an island”

Well, what would you bring? This a good way to tell your romantic partners what’s important to you in the worst of situations.

  • My own board game collection to pass time.
  • A cook with lots of ingredients.
  • My teacher.
  • A phone.

“Show the most useless skill you have”

Might be a silly question but a great way to see if your romantic partner will like you even at your worst.

  • I can burp the alphabet.
  • I can imitate how wolves sound.
  • I can whistle backwards.

“I am obsessed with this fact”

A great chance to start fond conversations which can go on for weeks, it also shows your potential partners your interests.

  • Pigeons were once pets.
  • Wombats make nice-looking poo.
  • Playing dead can help in a bear attack.

“My third-grade teacher described me as”

Your childhood and the way you acted can reveal a lot about how you were growing up and some behaviors you might have today. However, if you don’t want people to judge you for your past, be careful with this prompt.

  • The one who was always eating.
  • Trouble maker.
  • Master liar.
  • The one who was smart, but never studied.

“After work, you can find me”

A great way to reveal what you like outside of the office and what you do with your spare time.

  • Snacks and Netflix.
  • Reading.
  • Running or gym.
  • Playing video games.

“I will not judge you if”

We are all human, and we all have good and bad habits, this is a good way to make your perfect match comfortable.

  • You put ice cubes in your wine.
  • You snort when you laugh.
  • You love food.
  • You still like childhood movies.

“Two truths one lie”

This prompt is a good way to make a more captivating profile since it causes users to stop and look at your profile, making them think.

  • I love Taylor Swift concerts.
  • Cats annoy me and my laugh is very loud.
  • I don’t have my driving license yet but I can fly a hot air balloon.

“A pro and con of dating me is”

Why not show your strengths and weaknesses right from the get-go? No hiding behind a dating profile here, what you get is what you see.

  • I eat dinner early and sleep early.
  • I spend a lot of time working but focus on my partner in the evenings.
  • I do have a lot of friends but I always make time for you.

“When no one is watching I”

Let strangers know your deepest secrets, the best way to find compatible women fast.

  • Have a dance party to my favourite songs.
  • Nap.
  • Leave the bathroom door open.
  • Talk to my cat.

“I’m still not over this”

Show your biggest interests or bad endings to moves you loved.

  • Will smith doing that slap.
  • Friends being done.
  • Jin and pams wedding in the office.

“I quote too much from”

Reveal your favourite quotes from movies or books that you like, then let people work out where they are from.

  • My Dad.
  • Yoda.
  • Shakespear.
  • The Office.

“I am a good plus one because”

Think about what you are good at, what skills make you stand out? What makes you worth dating?

  • I am good at talking to new people.
  • I look good in a suit.
  • I have good fashion taste.

“I’m hoping you”

Hope your partner has a specific skill or interest that matches yours. Set the expectation straight away and filter out anyone who doesn’t fit it!

  • Like pets.
  • Good manners and treat the waiter nicely.
  • Know how to cook.
  • Are respectful to elders.

“The world would be a better place if”

Don’t take this as a silly question, actually think about how you want the world to be, and see if others have the same alignment.

  • There were more honest people.
  • Lots of chocolate.
  • More Marvel movies.
  • More sleep.

Why You Should Avoid Sarcasm In Bumble Prompts

A lot of people choose to use sarcasm in their bumble prompts, however, bumble responses like this do not always do well. Sarcasm is actually seen as a defence mechanism in many people, you will often attract sarcasm back.

It’s better to be authentic, fun and funny when responding to your prompts.

Tips For Using Bumble Prompts The Right Way

Bumble prompts are important if you want to attract the right people to your dating profile and into your messages, but before you get carried away with our funny prompt suggestions above, make sure to read these essential tips.

  • Show intention – Make sure you show people you are interested in making connections, give them a glimpse into your life and what you want, and put details into the prompt responses.
  • Be authentic – Don’t try and change your prompt answers to impress people, stay yourself and be authentic, honesty is best when trying to attract the partner you want.
  • Keep positive – Negativity is very unhealthy and not attractive, use positive language, don’t talk about what you don’t want, talk about what you do!
  • Have fun with it – Have fun when answering your prompts, talk about an activity that you love and keep it light-hearted, avoid one-word answers, they can often be taken bluntly.
  • Be specific – When answering your prompts, put effort into it the same way you would if it was a proper interview, this helps the other person to learn more about you and what you like. For example, I love the 1960’s Vs I love the 1960’s because of the rolling stone.

Our Top Tips For Creating A Better Bumble Profile

Bumble prompts matter if you want to create a good profile and attract profile visitors, but how do you make your whole bumble profile more attractive?

We’ve listed our best tips below.

  • Use a good photo – Take a good high-quality photo for your profile, this photo should be just of you and far away to include how you look, not just a close-up picture of your face.
  • Make sure your profile is verified – Verifying your profile makes you look much safer and not a catfish because you need to undergo the verification process to make sure you are a real person.
  • Get creative with your bio – Keep your bio updated but not cheesy, and make your bio authentic and unique to you, for example, say if you are a twin or a medic, ask a question in your bio for people to answer, this engages people and makes them more likely to contact you.
  • Use badges – Adding badges to your profile can increase your chances of matching by a whopping 50%, you can also filter matches to your profile using badges.
  • Connect your spotify – A great advantage to bumble is that you can connect your playlist to your profile so people can see the type of music you listen to and what you have in common.

Why Has The Quality Of My Bumble Matches Gone Down?

If you’ve been writing good responses to your bumble prompts and updating your profile, you might be wondering why the quality of your bumble matches has gone down.

If you’ve recently just joined bumble and have been swiping through your initial matches, this is why the quality can often seem to go down, because you’ve already exhausted the matches you could have had.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bumble Prompts

How many prompts can I have on my bumble profile?

On your bumble profile, you can have up to three prompts and choose from 40 of them, you can change them whenever you want.

How do I add prompts on bumble?

To add prompts on bumble, tap the grey silhouette on the app, edit profile then add questions, here you can write your responses to the prompts and post up to three.

Do girls message first on bumble?

Yes, Bumble is designed for girls to message first and take the lead unlike lots of dating apps, this gives the girls control.

Does bumble have voice recording?

As well as prompt responses you can write, you can also record a voice note in response for up to 30 seconds, this allows people to hear your voice and see if they are interested.

Does bumble have an attractiveness score?

Bumble does have an attractiveness score, which is rated by the apps algorithm and the app then shows you similar matches based on their attractiveness score.

Do men prefer bumble or hinge?

Most men prefer bumble to hinge when they are looking for something serious, hinge is more looked at for hookups, men are also allowed to message first on hinge whether bumble is the womans choice.

We’ve done a full comparison of the different dating apps here.

Last Words

To conclude, funny bumble prompt answers are a great way to make your profile stand out and attract similar matches who have the same sense of humour.

Even if your prompt responses are funny, stay authentic to who you are and be genuine, this way you can ensure your attracting the right people.



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