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The Hinge Standouts Guide: Get Your Profile Featured and Land More Dates

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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Hinge Profile Featured on Standouts

As its name suggests, Hinge Standouts give profiles more attention and make them stand out from the rest of the users. It also means profiles that stand out from the crowd.

It is one of Hinge’s unique features that makes it different from other dating platforms. 


What Is Hinge Standouts? 

The Standouts feature is a feed that shows prompts from people that stand out from the crowd.

Prompts are questions that prompt users to share content.

The idea behind prompts is that they encourage users to share something about them. And when users answer a prompt, they let other users know a little more about their personality.

A profile on your Standouts feed often means a high-quality match or better-positioned match for you since the recommendations in Standouts is based on the algorithm and your engagement of people.

The most popular prompts or users and Hinge’s knowledge of who you’ve liked or commented on in the past are the basis of what you’ll see on your Standouts feed.

You get ten Hinge Standouts prompts per day.

You can only see a prompt list of 10 on this feed and not numerous profiles or entire profiles. 

The prompts or profiles you see on the Standouts feed will update daily. 

How To Use The Standout Feed On Hinge

You can go to your Hinge Standouts feed by tapping the star icon located at the bottom of the app.

Read through the prompt answers you have on your feed and see if you like any content. 

You don’t just read through the contents. You can send roses if you find content you like while scrolling through Standouts.

Tap the rose icon on the prompt answer to send them a rose. 

You cannot send likes on the Standouts feed; you’re only able to send Roses. 

We keep mentioning roses. What are they?

What Are Roses In Hinge?

Sending a rose is a Hinge feature arguably more valuable than a regular like. 

Sending a Hinge rose means you really really like that content or user. 

The rose feature can also make you stand out from other users in the view of that special user you sent a rose to. 

Sending a rose to a profile will give your profile priority placement in your potential match’s feed.

That means your profile will automatically go to the top of their Likes list, increasing your profile visibility and making it hard to not notice. 

 You can also send a message along with your rose.

How To Send A Rose On Hinge

Tap the Like or heart button located on the lower right corner of the user’s photo or prompt.

Add a message or a comment if you like. If you’re sending a message, make sure to write them before doing the next step. 

Rather than pressing the “Send Like” button as you normally would, press the rose icon beside it to send a rose.  

What Happens After You Send A Rose On Hinge?

After successfully sending a rose, your profile will automatically go to the top of the Likes list of the user you send a rose to. 

The recipient of your rose will also get a notification about it. 

How To Get Your Profile On The Standouts Feed? 

As mentioned above, the Hinge algorithm determines which profiles to put on the Hinge Standouts feed, which means you can’t manually put your profile on there for people to notice you. 

To appear on a user’s Standouts feed, you need to be popular in your area (receiving lots of interactions from other users) and be a compatible dating profile to the user profile viewing the Standouts feed. 

Profiles appearing on the Hinge Standouts feed aren’t mutual and will differ per user. That means that you won’t appear in someone’s Standout feed just because they appeared as in yours.

To increase your chances of being a Standout profile, you just have to update your profile and prompt answer to the best of your ability and interact a lot with other users.

Having an attractive profile is still your best bet.

How Many Rose Do You Get For Free On Hinge?

All users get one rose per week. It resets every Sunday on your local date.

Does The Weekly Free Rose On Hinge Stack?

Unfortunately, no. Hinge roses won’t stack if not used. 

You will only have one free rose per week regardless if you didn’t use your rose the previous week.  

How Can You Get More Rose?

Aside from the one free weekly rose, you can get additional roses by purchasing them. 

How Much Are Roses On Hinge?

Roses will let your potential match know that you’re really into them. It will also make you more noticeable on your potential match view – with a price.

Additional Roses Prices

  • 1 Rose: $3.99
  • 6 Roses: $19.99 ($3.33 each)
  • 12 Roses: $29.99 ($2.49 each)

As you can see, a dozen roses offer the most savings. 

Do Rose On Hinge Expire?

Unlike the one free weekly rose that expires or resets, you can take your time with purchasing roses.

Purchased roses won’t expire. 

Is Sending Rose To Standout Profiles Effective?

The effectiveness of this feature will still depend on your profile.

Even if you went the extra mile to spend money on roses and send a rose, it doesn’t guarantee a match unless you have an attractive profile.

While spending money on roses and sending roses increases your profile visibility, your potential match will still look at your profile before interacting with you.

So whether you’re investing in buying extra roses or sticking to free ones, make sure to perfect your profile first.

Related Questions

What Does “Next Refresh” Mean On Standouts? 

The profiles you see on the Hinge Standouts feed refresh every day.

So the Next Refresh is basically a timer that shows how long the current batch of profiles will stay on the page. It’s how long you still have left to interact with those profiles. 

So if you found an attractive profile, shoot your shot before it’s too late. 

Will The Profiles In Your Standouts Feed Also Appear In Your Discover feed?

It’s possible for profiles shown in your Standout feed to appear in your Discover feed as a compatible dating profile, but it’s not guaranteed, according to Hinge.

Final Words

Whether you’re using a regular like or roses, buying them or using free ones, browsing on Hinge Standouts or Discovery feed, the most important thing at the end of the day is to have the best profile possible. 

So make sure that you update even your already spot-on profile to the best of your ability.

And if you’re not usually an adventurous person, don’t be afraid to use your rose. You’ll get a free one weekly anyway.

It’s better to try and fail than to not try at all. 

Best of luck!



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