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How to Crack the Tinder Algorithm: The Ultimate Guide

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Tinder’s Algorithm: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding and Improving Your Chances

Tinder is one of the most popular apps out there. With over 75 million monthly active users in 2021, it’s no surprise that people are always looking for ways to make it work better for them.

One way to do that is to understand how the Tinder algorithm works. 

What Is The Tinder Algorithm? 

It’s not a far stretch to call algorithm the heart of Tinder – or the brain.

The tinder algorithm is the matching system that determines which profiles are shown to whom. It suggests the profiles that you swipe left and right. 

Tinder doesn’t disclose how its algorithm works in detail because some people can exploit that information. 

But here are factors that affect how the Tinder algorithm works:

Tinder Algorithmic Factor

  • How recent the app was used

If you haven’t been on the site in a while, your chances of showing on other profiles to match decreases.

However, if you have used the app recently or are currently active on the app, your chances increase. 

The goal of this is to increase the matches and active interactions on the app. It makes sense to match active users.

  • The physical proximity of users, aka location

The second main key factor in Tinder’s algorithm that influences which profiles you see is your proximity.

The closer your locations are, the more chances you are suggested to each other as a match. It makes sense because people that are near each other have more chances of succeeding in meeting and actually having a date in real life.

Tinder Algorithm Non-factors:

  • Information about race, hair colour, religion, financial income, etc.

Tinder claims that they don’t store and process any information about race, hair colour, religion, financial income, etc., on their algorithm.

  • ELO Score

 Tinder used to utilize this scoring system, but they say that they don’t use it anymore. 

However, many assume that although they don’t use this exact system, they’re using something similar. 

What Is ELO Score?

ELO score is a number that measures how attractive your Tinder profile is compared to others.

Fun Fact: The ELO Score was originally invented for chess rating. It’s designed to measure a person’s skill relative to other players.

Tinder ELO measures a person’s attractiveness relative to other Tinder users. 

Basically, your ELO score increases every time someone swipes right on your profile because that means people find you attractive. 

Tinder Hacks To Manipulate The Tinder Algorithm

Although Tinder said that they don’t use ELO scores anymore, we can assume that they use a similar system and try to give it things that will benefit our profile. 


Hack the recency factor of the algorithm by using the app at least 3-4 times a day.

Location or Proximity

Hack the proximity by using the app in crowded places or places where you think there will be many profiles in your actual location.

Scoring System

ELO or not, hack the scoring by improving your profile to be a more attractive profile to the algorithm


Just visiting the app is not enough; you need to be active. Make sure to message your match within a day after you matched.

Also, be selective with swiping. Be more intentional about it, and don’t always swipe right. 

Tinder Passport

Tinder Passport is a “change your location” feature. It’s only available for Tinder premium subscribers. 

Since proximity is an important factor for the algorithm to increase your chances of matching, changing your location might be beneficial.

In addition, it is recommended to pin the location in the most crowded area of the city in order to get the most potential matches.

Swipe Surge

A pretty new feature called Tinder Swipe Surge is being tested out by Tinder.

Swipe Surge is when there is an increase in Tinder activity in your area. It can go up to 15x higher than usual, according to Tinder. 

When there’s a Swipe Surge in your area, Tinder will notify you.

Take this opportunity and make the most out of the 250 per cent increase in matchmaking possibility.

A Swipe Surge can be caused by Festivals

  • Holidays
  • Concerts
  • Sporting Events
  • Sunday Nights
  • Monday Nights
  • Holidays 

It can last anywhere from a couple of minutes to a few hours. 

The 250 per cent increase in matchmaking possibility will definitely increase whatever scoring system the Tinder algorithm uses. 

Tinder Boost OR Super Boost

According to Tinder, Boost will increase your visibility by ten times, while Super Boost will increase it 100 times!

It is the easiest way for the algorithm to work in your favour. You simply need to tap the purple lightning bolt on your Discovery screen.

Because of their convenience and effectiveness, both of these features are paid features. 

Reset Tinder

Resetting your account, aka deleting it, is another way to hack the algorithm. 

You see, new accounts are favoured by the algorithm to give them a head start. They are shown to more people.

The algorithm needs to evaluate it, so it needs engagement and interactions. That’s why the algorithm shows it to more people initially.

However, you can’t create an account right after you delete your previous one. You need to wait at least three months. Tinder clears data on its system every three months, so your account details should be clear by then.

If you tried to create another one while your date is still within Tinder’s system, your new account might be banned or shadowbanned. 

Moreover, if you are wondering about Tinder boost, and how it works. Then, you should read our article about it.

How To Reset Your Tinder

You can’t actually reset your existing Tinder account. What you can do is basically create a fresh one. 

You will need to create a new account from scratch. It’s crucial that you don’t use anything that can be linked back to your old account, including the device. Tinder remembers the devices as well. 

  • Delete your account
  • Uninstall Tinder 
  • Disconnect Tinder from Facebook
  • Get a new email address, sim number, Facebook account, Apple ID, IP address, and even bank information and device.
  • Download Tinder with new credentials
  • Open your new Tinder account.
  • Done!

Make sure that you don’t use any previous emails, photos, social media, or info that you used on your previous account or else all your efforts to make another account will be wasted. It may be banned or shadowbanned. 

Final Words

 At the end of the day, the best way to increase your attractive Tinder matches and just matches, in general, is to make your Tinder profile as perfect as can be. 

You can use these hacks to help you, but they’re not magic that will solve all your Tinder fantasies. 

After all, we don’t even know everything about Tinder’s algorithm because they keep it like a secret recipe. There may be countless factors that affect your experience on the app. 

The focus should still be on improving your profile rather than on how to out-think Tinder.

Ultimately, a match on Tinder occurs when both users swipe right and not solely because of the algorithm. 



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