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How Much Is Tinder Passport & How To Get It – Explained!

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how much is tinder passport

How Much Is Tinder Passport?

Do you know how much is tinder passport and how to get it? If you have ever used Tinder, you know that it is a very simple app. You swipe right if you like the person, and left if you don’t. If you like someone enough to swipe right on their profile, you will then get a notification that they have liked you back. This is where Tinder Passport comes into play.

Tinder Passport is a function that allows you to check out other people’s profiles without swiping. It lets you view all of the details about the person’s profile, including the name, age, height, weight, relationship status, location, and even their favorite books and movies. You can also see photos of them, as well as what they have liked, who they are interested in, and what their top 5 interests are.

How Tinder Passport Works

Tinder is a dating app that has a fun swipe-style interface and is considered to be one of the best dating applications available, particularly if you are seeking casual dating or hookups. If you’re looking for something that may potentially lead to a more long-term commitment, it’s possible that you would benefit from using a dating app that places an emphasis on developing connections.

If, however, Tinder is what you’re searching for, then you’re definitely curious about the service’s pricing structure. You might also be curious about the difference between Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus and how each one works.

In any case, we are here to assist you with that matter. Continue reading in order to get the most recent information about Tinder’s price structure and the membership benefits that you can anticipate receiving. In this section, you will learn all there is to know about the Tinder Free Trial account, including information on the pricing, features, and auto-renewal of your subscription, as well as how to pay for your membership.

Changing your location on Tinder is as simple as:

  1. Navigate to the page labeled “Settings” or “App Settings,” and then touch either “Swiping in” (on Android) or “Location” (iOS).
  2. To add a new place, use the “Add a new location” option.
  3. In the search field, type the name of the city that you wish to swipe in.
  4. Choose it from the list of results of your search.
  5. You may change your location by tapping the blue flag.

After you have completed this step, the users of Tinder who are located in that region will be the only ones who can see your profile. Your five most recent destinations will be saved, and you may switch between them by touching the city to change where you’re swiping to. Your location history will be maintained for a maximum of one year. Your location history will be stored in an automated manner. Your location history will be saved.

Advantage & Disadvantages

Advantage & Disadvantages of tinder passport

Tinder will give your profile an immediate “new user” boost if you utilize Tinder Passport to change the place where you are now located. That will result in more people seeing your content when it first goes live. You may also fake your location on Tinder in the most simple and dependable manner possible by using this method.

Tinder Passport is not often available for free; rather, it calls for a premium membership. Tinder has, however, made it possible for everyone to make use of a Passport without cost throughout the month of April ever since the year 2020. Tinder Plus, on the other hand, will cost you $9.99 a month if you use it outside of the promotional period.

Tinder Plus includes a number of additional premium features, such as unrestricted access to the right swipe, an increase in the number of Super Likes, and a monthly fee Tinder Boost. Learn all there is to know about Tinder Plus, and then consider upgrading to Tinder Gold or Platinum for even extra features and benefits.

Keep in mind, too, that it is feasible to determine whether or not someone is using Tinder Passport.It is possible that the distance away that is shown on your profile icon will fall a large distance outside of the limitations of their search. This is because they are looking for people who are local to their area.

Tinder Plus offers an option to “not reveal my distance” to potential matches. However, when others observe that it is not mentioned at all, they may conclude that it is because you are located in a remote area because of this.

Worth of Tinder Passport Feature

If you travel often and are interested in making new connections while you are there, investing in a current location switcher is perhaps money well spent. The time it takes to get from a match to a message to a meeting may add up, so instead of wasting time waiting till you get there, why not have all the groundwork done beforehand?

And if you divide your time between two (or more) places, you won’t have to stop using swipe apps in one city while you’re living in another city since you won’t be there long enough to do so. Keeping your choices open is of the utmost importance.

Cost and Features

Tinder’s boost function is an additional paid add-on. On the other hand, you may buy more ones or buy them separately if you so want. When you buy a boost, your account will temporarily jump to the front of everyone’s app list for 30 minutes. Primetime is the optimum time to utilize this strategy, obviously.

There is no variation in pricing depending on age, with the exception that the price of a single boost is arbitrarily set at $1 extra for the under-30 audience.

A single Boost will set you back $6.99 (or $7.99 if you’re under 30).
It will cost you $25 for 5 Boosts at a cost of $5 each, saving you 17%.
At $4.00 per, 10 Boosts would set you back $40.00, a 33% discount from the normal price.

If you’re under 30 and you only want one boost, you may as well sign up for Tinder Plus for a month and receive the boost and all the other services for a few bucks less. With Tinder Passport, a paid upgrade, you can pretend to be in any place you choose and browse and connect with local individuals there.


Tinder Passport does, in fact, indicate distance, which means that prospective matches will be able to see how far apart you and they are from one another.

You have the ability to alter your location as often as you’d like, but it’s important to keep in mind that your profile may continue to be accessible to matches you’ve “liked” for up to 24 hours after you’re no longer visible in that place. Even if you log out of the app and then back into it, the app will continue to display you in the city in which you are now located unless you manually alter it.



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