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What Is The Tinder Vibes Feature? All Explained Here!

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Tinder Vibes Feature

What Is The Tinder Vibes Feature?

Do you want to know about tinder vibes and what are the latest features of it in 2022? Tinder is a popular dating app that allows users to swipe left or right to see if they like a person. If two people swipe right, they can start a conversation. If they swipe left, they can continue to swipe. The point of the app is that you can see who’s interested in you, but you don’t know who they are, so you can’t ask them out.

Those who have lately used Tinder may have noticed a new addition to the app. Possibly you came across the ‘Vibes’ tab instead of the typical profile browsing experience.

Despite its cringe-worthy moniker, this new function lets you determine whether or not you “Vibe” with a potential match before ever meeting them.

This innovative function provides a new way to get to know someone beyond just sharing a taste in their images.

Tinder vibes, though, have folks scratching their heads all over the web. Let’s go right into demonstrating this brand-new function.

Tinder Vibes

Vibes allow you to assess whether or not you have a “Vibe” with a possible match before you decide whether or not you actually like their tinder profile.

You don’t have to judge a person just by their appearance; instead, you may explore the possibility of a match based on shared interests or values.
Is there any way for Tinder to get private information about its customers?

Nope, not on the dating app events. Except if you participate in Vibes.

All players of the Vibes games same time will be presented with the identical multiple-choice question in that game.

Select an option and begin swiping to view other users who also selected that option.
You’re both feeling each other out now.
In any case, the new function provides you with another incentive to match with someone, regardless of whether or not you have the same interests or have any other underlying connections. As a bonus, matchmaking provides a conversation starter after the game (more on that later).

How Tinder Vibes Feature Works

Using this function does not need a Tinder Plus, Gold, or Platinum membership in order to communicate with other users.

When an event is happening in your neighborhood, you will get a notice on your mobile device or a pop-up card encouraging you to participate.

There is a central question asked at each Vibe event, and all participating users share their answers. Topics such as pop culture, food, relationships, and more are covered in the questions.

By asking you questions about the kind of person you would want to go on a date with, programs like “Date Night” make it possible for you to meet individuals who share the same interests and way of life as you.

Select “Start” to get in on the action.

Following this, you will be shown a set of Vibe questions, each of which has four possible solutions. Tap on the option that corresponds with the response you’d want to share with possible partners.
The profiles you swipe surge through during the Vibes event will have a bright border around them to let you know the event is currently happening.

Tinder Vibes events are open for participation for a full 48 hours. User profiles with correct responses will be visible for three days. In the top right corner, you’ll see a timer indicating how much longer you have to mingle.

Upon reaching the “It’s A Match!” page, if both users have swiped right, they may go through the other’s responses to the Tinder Vibes series of questions. Moreover, it provides you with amazing tinder dates.
Clicking on a user’s profile symbol in the match feed will take you to their Vibes responses.

How To Turn on and off Tinder Vibes

If you’re on the hunt for love, you might be wondering how to turn tinder vibes on and off. It’s actually pretty easy.

  1. In the settings menu, tap “Vibes”.
  2. If you want to turn on the tinder vibe, tap the button next to “Tinder vibe”.
  3. Tap “Done” to save your changes.
  4. You can also turn off the tinder vibe by tapping the “Off” button.
  5. When you’re done, tap “Done” to save your changes.

When you’re on the dating app, you’ll see a little blue dot in the top left of your profile. This is your tinder vibe.

You can turn it on and off. If you want to show that you’re interested in someone, you can tap the tinder vibe to make it appear.

You can also control how long it’s on by tapping it and then selecting the time. You can choose from ‘24 hours’, ‘7 days’, ‘30 days’, ‘60 days’, or ‘never’.

The tinder vibe will be off when you’re not in a relationship, or when you’re not interested in someone. Moreover, there are many other expert tips to find the perfect match for you guys.

Reasons to start Tinder Vibes

There are many reasons to start tinder vibes, but the main three reasons are given below.

  • You’ll see a rise in tinder matching in your profile as a result.
  • Related Values and Beliefs Amplify Interest
  • You may use it right away as a conversation starter.

Can Tinder Vibes change matching?

Tinder Vibes is a new feature that adds more information to a person’s profile. All matching replies to the ‘Vibes’ question will be shown beside the person’s picture and profile. Tinder vibes app experience can increase the chance of person-to-person dating.

To find out whether you and the person you’re checking out on Tinder have comparable dating goals and tastes, you may compare your compatibility scores.

If you and the profile you’re looking at have a number of mutual interests, it’s a strong sign that you’ll get along well.

Tinder Vibes also provides users with a starting point for a conversation with their quality matches.


The new “Vibes” option on Tinder is a cool new addition to the app. By reading their profiles, you may learn a little more about a person before deciding whether to Swipe Left or Right on them.

It’s possible that learning you’re only somewhat compatible with someone will be the deciding factor between a Left and a Right Swipe.

While this function has just been included on Tinder, it has been present on other dating services for quite some time. Compatibility matching has been used for years by popular dating sites like eHarmony and Zoosk.

The new “Vibes” function on Tinder doesn’t seem to be a major upgrade over the original app.

It’s intriguing to learn more about a potential partner before a match is made, but it won’t sway your choice too much.

However, turn on Vibes and start swiping right away if you want to know a little bit more about a potential match before you make a move.

Tinder has a new Tonight Feature as well. Check this out!



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