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The Ultimate Guide to Pick-Up Lines for Cougars

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The Best Pick-Up Lines for Cougars: Funny, Flirty, and Sure to Impress

The term cougar refers to women who date men who are significantly younger than themselves.

Cougar women tend to be attracted to young men because these men often have more energy, drive, ambition, and confidence. They’re usually better looking too!

Pick Up Lines For Cougars

Did you know? 

Mature women between 27 and 45 had more frequent and more intense sexual fantasies than women of any other age?

And women can be considered cougars when they’re at least 35.

That means cougars can have a more intense sex drive, and the vitality of a young man may be the only one that can satisfy that. 

The problem is a cougar is more experienced than their younger counterpart, so it may be hard to get them. 

And that’s where pick-up lines come into the story. 

A good and appropriate opener or cougar conversation starter will definitely increase your chances of getting yourself a date. 

Different Types Of Pickup Lines And Samples

Chris Kleinke and colleagues conducted an analysis of the effectiveness of different pick-up lines.

They categorised the openers as:

  • Direct Gambits: a straight-to-the-point and honest approach
  • Innocuous Gambits: a round-about approach or indirect pickup lines
  • Cute/Flippant Gambits: uses humour in a cheesy, canned way.

Each one will work differently depending on many factors such as ambience, their type, your delivery, and so much more. 

Direct Gambits/ Serious Or Direct PickUp Lines

Since direct gambits need, to be honest, there’s no formula to it. You should base it on your situation, place, feelings, opinions, etc., at your present. 

Say you see a woman with a beautiful smile, “I can’t help but say, I love how your eye smiles.”

You can also say, “I just needed to tell you, your smile looks amazing.” 

You can also make your compliment more detailed. Talk about their dress, their jewellery, hair, skin, bag, and anything you feel like they put effort into. They surely appreciate that someone noticed their effort. 

If you feel like they have a certain aura about them, you can say, “Your energy and aura are mesmerising.” or “You look like such a nice girl.” 

Or, if you feel like they’re spreading joy and positivity to the room, you can go for “Thank you for coming. This party is so much better because of you.”

If you want to be more daring, you can use more powerful phrasing. You can say, “Sorry for interrupting. You’re just so f*king gorgeous.”

You can also go for casual if that’s the vibe of the situation, “Damn, you’re so hot!” 

Pick-up lines don’t always have to be cheesy (even for sugar mommas). They’re meant to be icebreakers for the conversation. 

Innocuous Gambits/ Indirect PickUp Lines

Innocuous Gambits are pick-up lines that hide your true intentions or convey them indirectly. 

You can ask about any topic you feel like the other would open up to. 

If you see the person you’d like to talk to wearing a band shirt, you could ask, “Who’s your favourite member of (name of a band)?”

If you see that she’s sporting a newly released item, ask how it is and if she recommends it. 

You can ask any about any topic, really. Anything you think would interest her based on the few things you can observe of her. 

You can also use more generic and random things like:

  • Do you believe in aliens?
  • Do you believe in ghosts?
  • If you could be any celebrity, who would you be?
  • What is the craziest thing you believed when you were a child?
  • Do you have a favourite conspiracy theory? What is it?

Just stay clear of things you’re bound to have some disagreement over, like religion or politics. Also, stay away from extremely common questions like “what is your favourite movie?” Unless you know that she is crazy interested in movies. 

Cute/Flippant Gambits/ Funny PickUp Lines

These are the common cheesy, witty and humorous pick-up lines that we know. 

People who use silly pick-up lines can appear more likeable, sociable, funny, and confident. 

But, depending on your “opponent”, these types of pickup lines may be annoying to some. Do them at your own risk. 

Using funny or stupid pick-up lines may be associated with short-term relationship goals like a casual sexual relationship rather than a long-term relationship, so you can use that to your advantage if that’s what the cougar you’re aiming for wants. 


  • Are you smiling at me, or did I put my contacts wrong?
  • Roses are red. Violets are blue. Can I kiss you?
  • How do you feel about raisins? How do you feel about a date?
  • Sorry, but you owe me a (name a drink) because when I looked at you, I dropped mine.
  • I think you sat on a pile of sugar because your ass is so sweet
  • Did you get those pants on sale? They’re 100% off at my place.
  • Is your name maths homework? I’m not doing you, and I should be
  • Want me to teach you the Australian kiss? It’s like French kissing, but you’re going down on me
  • Our smiles should touch now.
  • Are my undies showing? [“No.”] “Would you like them to?”

Bonus! Dirty PickUp Lines

  • You’ve been a bad girl. Go to my room
  • At least one of your parents must have been a baker cause you got the nicest set of buns I’ve ever seen
  • That outfit would look great in a crumpled heap next to my bed
  • I’m looking for something. Can I look around your chest?
  • I’ve just moved you to the top of my “To Do” list
  • I can read minds, and yes, I will sleep with you

What Is A Male Cougar Called?

The term “manther” refers to a male cougar who dates younger women. 

Manthers are usually between 40 and 60 years old, and they’re often successful businessmen or professionals.

They typically date younger women because they believe that younger women are more attractive than older women.

They can also be called “rhinos.”

Final Words

Now that you know the different categories of pick up lines, you’re definitely one level above those who don’t. Make sure to use what type is appropriate for the situation or person. 

And, don’t be afraid to mix them up. 

Best of luck!



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