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The Ultimate Guide to Sugar Momma Pick-Up Lines

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The Best Sugar Momma Pick-Up Lines That Will Make Her Swoon

If you’ve recently joined a dating app and want to pick up some sugar mommas or anyone in general, knowing good pick up lines can help you find the match of your dreams.

Pickup lines are a great way to make someone laugh and ease into a light hearted conversation too, we’ve made a guide below with the best pickup lines to help you out.

Do Pick Up Lines Work On Dating Apps?

Before we get into our list of the best sugar mommy and sugar baby pickup lines, let’s start with discussing if pickup lines actually work on dating apps. 

Pick up lines can often be seen cringy on dating apps, but in some cases, using a pickup line might actually make someone laugh and help to continue a conversation.

Our Top Sugar Mommy Pick Up Lines

If you want to try to score a sugar mommy on dating apps, we suggest trying the following pick up lines to get the sugar girl you want. 

  • I don’t have a libary card, but can I check you out?
  • I always get told to follow my dreams, so I guess I will follow you.
  • Hey, are you the sun? My eyes are burning looking at you.
  • You look amazing, do you know what would make you look better, me!
  • I need to check your blood sugar to know you’re a 10. 
  • Tie your shoes so you don’t fall for anyone else. 
  • Lets go to my place and I will help drop your blood sugar.
  • I’ve been told to stay away from sugar, but eating sugar is like being with you. 
  • If you wear words on a page, you are the finest print. 
  • Are you a keyboard, because you are my type to the T.
  • Can I buy anything for you, a soda or maybe a wedding ring? 
  • Is your name homework? I know I should be doing you right now. 
  • You would melt in my mouth like sugar cubes. 
  • I like woman like my wine.
  • You raise my blood sugar to dangerous levels. 
  • I’m sure that your parents are called sugar and flour, that’s why your like sugar cookies.
  • Are you looking for a sugar daddy? 
  • If being sexy like a sweet sugar bowl was a crime, you would be guilty. 
  • Well here I am, what are your other two wishes?

Our Favourite Funny Pickup Lines 

  • My name is Microsoft, can I crash with you?
  • My phone is 100% broken without you in it.
  • Apart from being beautiful, what else do you do? 
  • You must be a parking ticket because you are FINE.
  • You are a work of art. 
  • This is love at first sight or do I need to pass by again?
  • How I wish to be cross eyed so I can look at you twice. 
  • If you were a chicken, you are impeccable.
  • Did your license get suspended due to making guys crazy?
  • I’m studying about important dates in history. I think you are one?
  • Are you fresh out of the oven, you are very hot and steaming, just how I like it.

Our Best Tips To Score An Older Sugar Mommy On A Dating App

If your type is older woman, don’t be ashamed, we’ve put our best tips below for scoring a sugar mommy on dating apps and how to have a good conversation in general which doesn’t lead to a dead end. 

  • Ignore dead end messages – Dead end messages such as Hi you seem or Hi there great is not ideal, these messages are boring and plain and can make sure not a sugar daddy very fast. Ignore pointing out anything from her photos since you are simply stating the obvious.
  • Winking sends a message – We know wink messages and emojis are easy to send and test the water, but, they are very generic and might not impress older woman, you need to put more effort into messages if you want it to be reciprocated. 
  • Make a message specific and interesting – If you really want to write a meaningful message to someone on a dating app then be specific, for example, use a mutual interest like your favourite TV show to talk about, talk about how you wish it didn’t end or who your favourite actor was on the last season.
  • Don’t make messaging like an audition – When you are messaging someone on a dating app, know you are both technically up for an audition, but this doesn’t mean you need to message like one. Avoid inviting yes or no answers in your conversations and ask open ended questions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sugar Momma Pickup Lines

What are some good pick up lines on sugar?

Some great sugar pick up lines are; Did you sit on a pile of sugar because you have a sweet behind, I have high blood sugar but I would still hang out with you even though you are sweet, are you powdered sugar because you are so fine.

Which dating app has lots of older woman? 

Tinder and bumble tend to have more older women users than Hinge which is younger based and more for hook ups, on bumble the woman messages first which can be good if your bad at opening conversations.

How do you flirt with a women through messages?

To flirt with a woman via message, make sure you first have a good opener (check our ideas here) and always keep messages interesting, short and sweet. Stay positive and also pay compliments in convos, but don’t overdo it.

Final Words

To conclude, if you want to pick up a sugar momma on dating apps, use some sweet pickup lines which are funny, these will help to get the conversation going easily, they might also backfire however. 

Make sure your messages are specific and interesting and always answer open ended questions to keep them engaged, avoid dead end replies so as the conversation can evolve.



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