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The Ultimate Guide to Sending Private Photos on Hinge

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How to Send Private Photos on Hinge: The Complete Guide

If you have ever been chatting on hinge and want to make your online conversations more interesting and fun, you might want to send a picture to spice up the chat, this could be of you or what you are currently doing. 

We’ve put together a short guide below which will take you through ways to send pictures on hinge, if you can send gifs, as well the importance of having decent quality pictures on the app.

Three Ways To Send A Picture On Hinge 

Unlike other popular dating app chats, Hinge does not allow you to send pictures on the app, this doesn’t mean you can’t share a new photo with your match however, there are some ways around it. 

  • Link to your photo – One way to share an image with the person you are talking to is through links, for example, you can upload a picture to facebook or google drive and then send the link. The only downside to this is that some people are uncomfortable clicking on links, especially if they are being sent by a stranger. 
  • Text the photo – You can always ask for your match’s phone number and then text them the photo, some people might not be comfortable giving you their phone number, so we suggest only asking this if you have been chatting for a while and there is trust.
  • Upload the photo to your profile – The easiest way to share a photo on hinge is by uploading it to your profile, this way is also very safe and tends to work well making the other person feel comfortable.

Can You Send Gifs On Hinge? 

Apart from pictures, you might be curious as to if you can send gifs on hinge too? 

Gifs cannot be sent on Hinge chats just like pictures, other dating apps like bumble and tinder however allow gifs to be sent since they can make conversations more interesting.

To send gifs it’s better off messaging outside of the hinge platform, but be aware this comes with privacy risks.

Why Are Pictures Important On Hinge? 

Having good photos on Hinge is very important if you want to stand out and attract people to your profile page, your profile photo should clearly show how you look and be detailed. 

Pictures add an element of realness to the person and allow for more trustworthy conversations with people too on dating websites.

How To Take A Better Hinge Photo

Now we know all about sending photos in Hinge and why photos, in general, are so important we can move on to how to take a better hinge profile picture and attract more matches.

  • Choose simple and high quality – Simple photos without lots of background objects and of high quality are key to decent pictures and a good dating profile.
  • Invite questions – Have some photos which invite conversations, this could be you picking plastic, hiking or with animals, whatever interests you.
  • Be careful of group shots – Group shots can be misleading and cause people to skip over your profile rather than spending time trying to work out which person you are in the shot.
  • Keep eye contact – Eye contact in a photo gives increased connection and trust inside of a photo, wearing sunglasses or anything else can obstruct this and make you seem less trustworthy or even a catfish!

Frequently Asked Questions About Sending Pictures On Hinge

Can people screenshot pictures on Hinge?

Since you cannot send pictures on hinge people cannot screenshot them, instead, they could click on the link and screenshot them from there, so always be careful about your privacy.

Is preferred membership good on hinge?

Hinge preferred might be worth the money if you are looking for a serious relationship and want to boost your profile and find new matches.

Can I put childhood pictures on Hinge?

We would not recommend putting childhood pictures on Hinge, it can be odd, we would also not risk putting up any photos with your children due to privacy.

What type of photos can I upload on Hinge?

On hinge, you could upload vacation photos, holiday photos, job photos or general selfies/activity photos to show off your personality.

What are some common dating tips for Hinge?

If you want to win at hinge, we suggest following these holy grail tips; keep the conversation fresh by bringing up new topics, avoid one-word answers and try better openers, show who you are in your photos and take it to video call or phone to move away from online dating sites.

Last Words

To conclude, you cannot send pictures on dating sites and apps like Hinge, instead you will have to upload a new picture to your profile, share a link or text the photo to their phone number. 

The safest way to share a photo with someone on hinge is by putting it on your profile picture as a new photo and then telling someone, never feel pressured to give out your number to send or receive a photo.

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