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How To Privately Send Photos On Hinge? 2022 Guide – Here!

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How To Send Media Files On Hinge

Hinge’s chat feature allows users to send messages to each other instead of swiping right or left like other dating apps.

Exchanging messages is a great way to determine if you like a person rather than just browsing photos. But sending pictures in messages is one way to make the most of the conversations you get. 

Sending photos of hobbies or childhood pictures can give you more topics to talk about. Sending your holiday photos can make them see you more as an individual rather than a random person on the internet. Sending pet photos can make you more lovable. 

There are many benefits you can get from sending photos on dating apps. 

But some can abuse this function – they may send unwanted photos that can make people uncomfortable, especially female users.

So, does Hinge have a limit on how you can send photos? Do they even permit sending photos?

Let’s find out!

Can You Send Pictures On Hinge?

The problem with the sending photo function on dating apps is that some people exploit them and use them to send inappropriate photos – and Hinge wants to avoid that. 

Nobody wants to receive any nude photos, explicit photos, or lewd photos randomly. 

That’s why Hinge doesn’t allow sending pictures on the app. You can’t send pictures on match profiles as well.

Can You Send Videos On Hinge?

Sending video clips is a great way to share memorable moments of your life. They can let your match know how you talk and act more than any picture or voice note would.

Unfortunately, as with photos, you can’t send any video format on Hinge. 

Can You Send GIF On Hinge?

You may be wondering, what about GIFs? GIF messages aren’t usually personal photos or videos. They’re mostly used as a reaction photo or video. There can be built-in reaction GIFs on the app’s messager, right?

No. Unfortunately, you can’t send photos on the app.

However, there is a workaround for all of these limitations!

How To Send Media On Hinge

You’re technically not “sending” the photos, videos, GIFs, or any multimedia messages, but you can still share them.

You can share any media on Hinge without actually sending them in the app by sending a media link!

You can link any kind of media file, including images, audio files, video files, documents, etc. They can be from your social media posts, or you could share links to your cloud accounts like Google Drive or iCloud.

You can also link to other websites, like your blog or social network profile.

You can even send tweets, TikTok or Youtube videos, anything.

There are no limits to what you can link!

Related Questions

Can You Send Voice Message On Hinge?

Yes! Hinge calls its voice messaging function a Voice Note. You can record your voice and send it to a conversation you have.

The important part is that you have to match someone to be able to send them a Voice Note. 

You can only send a Voice Note to a match profile.

How to Send Voice Note on Hinge

Hinge introduced a feature that lets you record voice notes during conversations with matches. You can use it instead of texting.

Before sending someone a voice note, you must be matched with them first. 

When you’ve matched, you can follow the steps below:

  • Ensure that you’ve enabled microphone access for the Hinge app on your device.
  • Locate the microphone icon at the bottom of the chat screen.
  • Tap the microphone icon to start recording.
  • Speak your message as the Voice Note is recording. 
  • Tap the Stop recording or the square button when you’re done.
  • Check your recording by clicking the Play or triangle button to listen to your recorded message. 
  • If you’re ready to send your recorded Voice Note, you can click the up arrow on your screen. But, if you’re not and you want to start over, click the X button, and it will clear the unsent draft recording.

Can You Move To Another App From Hinge?

Say you’re fed up with the limited things you can do or send via the Hinge app. Can you take your chats with matches to another app?

Well, yes. You can move to another app if your match consents to it and goes with you. 

As mentioned earlier, you can send links in the Hinge messaging. That means you can send the link to your other social media profiles – Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, anywhere. 

If they agree to “meet” you there, aka chat your profile or give you their profile so you can chat with them (and they actually reply), then you’re free to continue your online conversation outside of Hinge. 

It’s actually another way to “hack” your way into being able to share pictures, videos, and GIFs to your matched profile. Just take them to another app that you can send media with fewer restrictions.

However, you need to be careful and only share your personal social media accounts with people you’ve spoken to for a while. 

Hinge suggests that you stay on the platform so they can work their magic with their Safe Message Filters and protect you. 

Safe Dating Advice According To Hinge

Let’s take this opportunity to remind us of some safety precautions from Hinge.

We’ve also heard all sorts of horror stories from online interactions, from harassment to scamming.

While it’s important to enjoy online dating sites, make sure to stay safe.

Here as some safe dating tips from Hinge.

  • Never Send Money or Share Financial Information
  • Protect Your Personal Information
  • Stay on the Platform 
  • Be Wary of Long Distance and Overseas Relationships
  • Report All Suspicious and Offensive Behavior
  • Protect Your Account 

Final Words

Hinge has become one of the fastest-growing dating apps around, thanks to its unique features and easy-to-use interface.

Even with limited or lack of features, with millions of users worldwide, it’s clear that Hinge is here to stay.



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